1960s Topps Video:The Hidden Treasure

Over the weekend a photograph of female employees working inside the Topps baseball card facility made the rounds on social media. I first saw the picture posted in the “Vintage Wax and Packs” Facebook group, and also saw it posted on Twitter. There was also a Reddit thread on this particular image that originally madeContinue reading “1960s Topps Video:The Hidden Treasure”

Holiday Flashback – Opening 100 Wax Boxes in 2016

The holiday season brings us many deals in the hobby. Several online card retailers such as Blowout Cards, Dave & Adams Card World, and Steel City Collectibles offer up some bargains on Black Friday. These retailers also gear us up for that special holiday shopping day by releasing sales throughout the month of November. IContinue reading “Holiday Flashback – Opening 100 Wax Boxes in 2016”

The Story Behind 2013 Topps Archives Cubs Giveaway

In 2013 I was slowly dipping my toes back into the hobby. Topps Archives was my gateway drug. The nostalgia was overwhelming after opening a blaster box of Topps Archives found on my local Wal-Mart shelf. That was in 2012. Fast forward a year and Allen & Ginter also became a hobby favorite. And thenContinue reading “The Story Behind 2013 Topps Archives Cubs Giveaway”

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Break Results

As previously mentioned, I am a big Bowman baseball card fan. Unfortunately, the hobby prices have priced me out of the market. When Bowman flagship releases, I chase down the retail blaster boxes at Target and Wal-Mart. As it comes to Bowman Draft, I have to pass and pick up Cubs singles on eBay, orContinue reading “2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Break Results”

In Person Trade With Kurt the Mark Prior Collector

One thing I have repeated since the very early stages of the One Million Cubs Project has nothing to do with the Cubs baseball cards I buy or receive in trade rather the people I meet along the way. The journey to collect one million Cubs baseball cards will likely be a near ten-year adventure.Continue reading “In Person Trade With Kurt the Mark Prior Collector”