Hank Sauer Game Used Cleats Added to the Collection

While my focus is to collect one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards, I do collect other Cubs memorabilia. There is nothing specific I seek out, only items I find spur of the moment. I recently found a collection that has been pieced out with mostly Cubs game used memorabilia. A bulk of the collection isContinue reading “Hank Sauer Game Used Cleats Added to the Collection”

2020 Topps Chrome Cubs Hits

The Topps Chrome craze is upon, but buyer beware. Topps Chrome typically does not sustain value. It is a fun product to open at or shortly after release. Upon release, I missed finding Topps Chrome at the first Target store I visited, but was able to catch the vendor at the second store. By theContinue reading “2020 Topps Chrome Cubs Hits”

Have You Found Cards at Retail? If So, You’re Lucky

The hobby has exploded. Baseball cards, football cards, and basketball cards have not been this popular since the waning days of the junk wax era in the early 1990’s. A lot has changed in the hobby in the past 30 years. What hasn’t changed is certain products get really hot and hard to find. TheseContinue reading “Have You Found Cards at Retail? If So, You’re Lucky”

Orlando Cubs 1996 Picture Pack Baseball Cards

Cubs baseball cards trickled in throughout last week, and only one package was delivered over the weekend. It was a minor league issued Orlando Cubs picture pack baseball cards. On occasion while laying on the couch watching TV, I’ll check out eBay with the search term, “Cubs.” Typically it will be an ending soonest searchContinue reading “Orlando Cubs 1996 Picture Pack Baseball Cards”

My First Lesson in Negotiating

It’s Sunday, and one of the best days of the week to buy and sell trading cards. Sunday nights are typically known as the best time to end eBay auctions, and it’s also a day people list their unwanted items after a long Saturday cleaning out garages, attics, and basements. Craigslist is a site IContinue reading “My First Lesson in Negotiating”

My Childhood Holy Grail Card Returns Home

It was a Sunday afternoon in the summer of 1990. Baseball cards were as popular as New Kids on the Block, the racy FOX cartoon called The Simpsons, and Hulkamania. My fandom over the past 12 months had been Chicago Cubs baseball cards. When that 1989 Topps Cubs team set arrived in the mail IContinue reading “My Childhood Holy Grail Card Returns Home”

Cubs Collectors Helping Cubs Collectors

Andrew in Oregon is a Cubs fan and an Oakland Athletics fan. We made a flat rate box deal last week that saw him give up some beloved Cubs cards, while I happily sent off some A’s cards. Nico Hoerner is one of Andrew’s PC players and I have acquired many Hoerner Topps rookie cardsContinue reading “Cubs Collectors Helping Cubs Collectors”