First Trade Completed During The One Million Cubs Project

A few trades are in the works for the One Million Cubs Project. On Friday, I shipped out two boxes of cards, and will ship out a couple more on Tuesday. The first trade has been completed through the Keep It Real Facebook group. This is a great collecting group that I have been aContinue reading “First Trade Completed During The One Million Cubs Project”

The Organization Of One Million Cubs

Counting and organization of one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards will be the largest struggle of this project. Moreso than the actual attainment of one million cards. So how will it be done? Initially, the plan was to sort through the existing collection which numbers somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 cards. That seemed very timeContinue reading “The Organization Of One Million Cubs”

Christmas 2017 Cubs Cards

Each year since the age of five or six, Santa has dropped baseball cards under my tree and/or in my stocking. Even at age 35, Santa still finds me and brings me cards. This year, between Santa wife and Santa mom, I was gifted with both a 2016 Topps complete set and a 2017 ToppsContinue reading “Christmas 2017 Cubs Cards”

Inspiration Behind One Million Cubs Project

Most ideas are not original, rather using the same premise from something already in existence. The One Million Cubs Project is no different. It was an idea born by not one or two projects in place by others. This project was spawned by four separate ideas. First, the thought was born by an overwhelming amountContinue reading “Inspiration Behind One Million Cubs Project”

Introducing The One Million Cubs Baseball Card Project

More than a million cards have accumulated in my collection. Throughout the time I have collected, since around 1987, Chicago Cubs baseball cards have almost always been my target. Multiple times over the years my collecting habits have changed, but holding on to Cubs cards has almost always survived my different collecting direction. Over theContinue reading “Introducing The One Million Cubs Baseball Card Project”