Milestone Met: The 500,000th Chicago Cubs Baseball Card

My first Chicago Cubs baseball card was probably from 1989 Topps. That’s the first Cubs baseball card I can remember, at least. I received the complete Cubs team set from 1989 Topps after my mom sent in a certain about of cereal box UPC codes and $5 (or something like that) for shipping and handling.Continue reading “Milestone Met: The 500,000th Chicago Cubs Baseball Card”

2020 Topps Heritage Minors Checklist Opinions

Topps Heritage Minors has become one of my favorite baseball card products. It ranks up close to Allen & Ginter for me as well as the big league Topps Heritage. Over the last couple years the price tag has risen on Topps Heritage Minors. Until a couple years ago a case of 12 boxes wouldContinue reading “2020 Topps Heritage Minors Checklist Opinions”

And For That Reason, I’m Out: 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire

This week Topps rolled out another one of its online exclusive releases: Topps Chrome Sapphire. Sapphire is not a fly-by night release like others as it’s been around a few years now and has gained a bit of popularity over the years. Topps first released the Sapphire line in 2016, and it has changed immenselyContinue reading “And For That Reason, I’m Out: 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire”

Cardboard Gold and Columbia Hobby Review

This is NOT a paid endorsement or advertisement for Columbia Hobby. Simply a review of the company and their products from one customer’s view point. “Is this brand (Cardboard Gold) legitimate?” That’s paraphrasing a tweet I recently read from someone in the hobby that I follow on Twitter. I provided my opinion on Cardboard Gold,Continue reading “Cardboard Gold and Columbia Hobby Review”

How I Lost Money on Baseball Cards

We often see people in the hobby flaunt their big wins. Profiting hundreds of dollars on the flip of a Topps online exclusive, clearing retail shelves, or buying low on Luka Doncic and Patrick Mahomes only to flip for a big win. But where is all the transparency? We can learn more from our mistakesContinue reading “How I Lost Money on Baseball Cards”

Barnstormer Baseball Cards Sends a RAK

A RAK arrived in my mailbox this week. A RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness, and Barnstormer Baseball Cards was the sender. Barnstormer is a father and son team of Jeff and Cole from Kansas. Take a look at Barnstormer Baseball Cards and hit subscribe to their YouTube channel. Take a look at aContinue reading “Barnstormer Baseball Cards Sends a RAK”

Halfway (Almost) To One Million Chicago Cubs Baseball Cards

The One Million Cubs Project began in December 2017. An idea to turn one million unwanted trading cards into one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards started just before Christmas that year. By Christmas week, a new Twitter account was created, web domains purchased, and a Wix website launched. In the beginning, my Cubs card countContinue reading “Halfway (Almost) To One Million Chicago Cubs Baseball Cards”

2020 Topps Fire Baseball Card Review

Topps Fire is a retail exclusive to Target stores. It has a terrible return on investment for the flippers, and even collectors that want to recoup some of the box cost. But….it’s a very unique product that is much different from other baseball card releases. A few years ago when Topps Fire debuted, it becameContinue reading “2020 Topps Fire Baseball Card Review”

Cubs Minor League Diaries (7/12/1966): Robert Eyer

The Chicago Cubs Minor League Encyclopedia is a work in-progress that will document biographies on each player who has worn a Cubs minor league uniform. The inception of minor league teams in the Cubs organization dates back to 1922 with the Wichita Falls Spudders. Below you will read letters to home written by Cubs minorContinue reading “Cubs Minor League Diaries (7/12/1966): Robert Eyer”