A Big Cubs Autograph Mailday

Plenty more Cubs baseball card packages have been trickling in. More than 5,000 Cubs cards have been added since the Cubs Convention, so things have picked up nicely. The goal for 2020 still is to make some big bulk trades, and I am aiming to do just that with some big trades in the works.Continue reading “A Big Cubs Autograph Mailday”


2020 Topps Series 1 Checklist

A new baseball season unofficially begins when the new year’s Topps flagship baseball set is released on February 5. Here is the 2020 Topps Series 1 checklist. ​​SLXLM 1 Mike Trout Angels®2 Gerrit Cole Houston Astros® League Leaders3 Nicky Lopez Kansas City Royals®4 Robinson Cano New York Mets®5 JaCoby Jones Detroit Tigers®6 Juan Soto Washington Nationals® World SeriesContinue reading “2020 Topps Series 1 Checklist”

Starting Lineup Talking Baseball and Jose Vizcaino’s Cleats

In my ongoing effort of playing catch up, here’s another week-old mail day post. Thank you very kindly for all of my trading partners for being super patient with me. It worries me a bit how far behind I was after just three days out of town at the Cubs Convention, and my Spring TrainingContinue reading “Starting Lineup Talking Baseball and Jose Vizcaino’s Cleats”

No Hustle Sports and John in Michigan Cubs Mailday

In my continuing effort to dig myself out of the Cubs Convention setback, here’s a pre-Convention mailday from the No Hustle Sports podcast and John in Michigan.When I say “Cubs Convention setback,” I only mean the prep heading into my trip, the three days I was in Chicago, and the post-Convention “clean up,” has meContinue reading “No Hustle Sports and John in Michigan Cubs Mailday”

Major Albert Almora and Dylan Cease Cubs Mailday

One of my frequent trading partners is @Yasharkbos on Twitter, who sends stacks of Cubs cards in return for some rookies and Bowman first cards. This mail day blew me away.​​SMLXL A medium flat rate box filled with Cubs baseball cards – more than 2,000 total. Many of them were Bowman cards, and that included oneContinue reading “Major Albert Almora and Dylan Cease Cubs Mailday”

Stories About Bill Bonham, Jim Bullinger, and Sammy Sosa

Another post from a Cubs baseball card mail day from the past week. This mail day is courtesy of Anderson in Georgia and Perry in Pompano Beach, Florida.Anderson sent a box with more than 225 Cubs baseball cards along with a couple bobbleheads. The Ernie Banks bobblehead is new in my collection. Ironically, I hadContinue reading “Stories About Bill Bonham, Jim Bullinger, and Sammy Sosa”

Chicago Cubs Coins from Baseball Treasures

Cubs Convention 2020 is in the books, and the One Million Cubs Project is behind. A complete review of the convention is forthcoming, but it’s time to recap some trades while I was out. Just before I left for downtown Chicago, a package from Rick in Massuchusetts came, and it was filled with Baseball Treasures…literally.Continue reading “Chicago Cubs Coins from Baseball Treasures”

Cubs Convention 2020 Brings In More Than 200 Baseball Cards

Cubs Convention 2020 is in the books, and a full recap is forthcoming. I’ll save most of the convention details for that post. Baseball cards are not top of mind when visiting the Cubs Convention. First, there are not many cards for sale. A handful of vendors sell team sets or singles of players that willContinue reading “Cubs Convention 2020 Brings In More Than 200 Baseball Cards”

Woody’s Winter Warmup 2020 Review

Kerry Wood’s Wood Family Foundation has been hosting a charity event titled, Woody’s Winter Warmup, since 2011. It is always held the first night of the Cubs Convention at Harry Caray’s. Usually, it has been held at Harry Caray’s on the 7th floor of Water Tower Place. A few events have been held at theContinue reading “Woody’s Winter Warmup 2020 Review”

Double Dose of Cubs Packages From Two Repeat Traders

A total of three packages were delivered on Thursday. What did those packages have inside? You guessed it: Cubs baseball cards. Andy in Buffalo (@SoCalHobbyClub) sent a medium flat rate box of Cubs goodies, and Steve in Akron sent two separate packages.Take a gander at what’s inside this flat rate box! Andy is a RyanContinue reading “Double Dose of Cubs Packages From Two Repeat Traders”