Chicago Cubs Cards, Covid-19 and Collecting: Chasing Cards in Quarantine and Finding Much More

Quarantine. The big lock down.  Who knew what was ahead when we received the news that Colorado was joining other states on a stay-at-home-order on March 14th?  After one weekend of streaming 80’s movies with our kids, explaining again and again, “I had one JUST like that” about nearly every pair of jeans or nowContinue reading “Chicago Cubs Cards, Covid-19 and Collecting: Chasing Cards in Quarantine and Finding Much More”

Hobby How To Guide: Buying Trading Card Collections

Finding a large trading card collection for sale is like a treasure hunt. It can be a lot of fun, as well as profitable. But, where do you find collections at great prices that do not only include a stack of 1991 Fleer baseball cards? That’s the fun, and this guide will help you locateContinue reading “Hobby How To Guide: Buying Trading Card Collections”

Documentary Review: Long Gone Summer

It’s the perfect story with the highest of highs and lowest of lows. The stars include a highly touted baseball player from California that went to USC and made wore his country’s uniform in the Summer Olympic Games. On the other side, a skinny baseball player that grew up in poverty in Dominican Republic. TheContinue reading “Documentary Review: Long Gone Summer”

The Benefits of PWE Shipping

If you want to split the hobby world into two factions mention one of three topics: clearing out retail shelves of trading cards, investing in baseball cards, or shipping in a plain white envelope (PWE). Earlier this week, there was quite the Twitter warfare about the topic of investing in trading cards. I’m not goingContinue reading “The Benefits of PWE Shipping”

Vintage Chicago Cubs Autographs

One of my near-term goals for this One Million Cubs Project website is to get a page for every player who has donned a Cubs uniform. Within each page I will display items from my collection. An online One Million Cubs Project museum. A lot of back-end work is being done for this undertaking. It’sContinue reading “Vintage Chicago Cubs Autographs”

PWE Sellers – Block eBay User johkoprowsk_0

PWE = Plain White Envelope. When it comes to buying and selling trading cards online, PWE is the preferred method to ship low dollar cards. Typically, I ship any card priced $7.50 and under using a PWE. Over the past couple years I began to use this method on eBay as a seller more frequently.Continue reading “PWE Sellers – Block eBay User johkoprowsk_0”

2020 Bowman Mega Box – The Hits From a 20-Box Break

Bowman Mega Boxes have been extremely hot the past few years. I remember seeing them on the shelf in a Target store in 2017. I wasn’t fully immersed in the hobby as I am now, and I just thought it was another Bowman box. Can you imagine now? Finding Bowman Mega Boxes on a TargetContinue reading “2020 Bowman Mega Box – The Hits From a 20-Box Break”

Leaf CEO Brian Gray Is Just Like Us

Full disclosure: I have never met nor interacted with Leaf CEO Brian Gray. I have purchased Leaf Cubs baseball cards on the secondary market. What do you think of when you hear the word, “Leaf?” Is it Toronto, as in Maple? Or trees? Or is it baseball cards? For me, it’s the latter. Leaf premiumContinue reading “Leaf CEO Brian Gray Is Just Like Us”