Mega Box Mailday Tuesday and More

It was a busy day for my mailman after a three-day holiday weekend. Thinking it would be a slow mail week, the mailbox was stuffed today. First, a large flat rate box was on my porch courtesy of Mick in Naperville, Illinois. He found a plethora of Bowman Mega Boxes last week and was kindContinue reading “Mega Box Mailday Tuesday and More”

What's Happening With the One Million Cubs Project

Things have been busy lately, and only getting busier over the next couple weeks, hence the lack of blog posts recently. Trades were light this week, though I did get packages from Ben in California, Chris in Pennsylvania, Jacob in Texas, Bob in Pennsylvania, and Ryan in New Jersey. A few eBay packages came in.Continue reading “What's Happening With the One Million Cubs Project”

Chicago Cubs Oddball Monday

Oddballs arrived Monday. Twenty-one cards from TCMA’s 1976 set, “1938 Chicago Cubs” came via eBay. I bought this partial set at a decent buy it now rate. The 1938 Chicago Cubs reached the World Series, but were swept by the New York Yankees, 4-0. Charlie Root appeared in 44 games for the 1938 Cubs, postingContinue reading “Chicago Cubs Oddball Monday”

Another 2,406 Cubs Cards Added To The One Million Cubs Project This Week

Eight trades highlighted a week that added 2,406 Cubs cards to the collection, which surpassed 123,000 cards this week. That number will continue to rise as I am still sorting out the Cubs from the truckload of cards acquired at the end of last week. Monday’s mailbox gave me three packages. Two were from trades.Continue reading “Another 2,406 Cubs Cards Added To The One Million Cubs Project This Week”

Trade Bait: What's Inside the Recent Truckload of Cards

Last week I acquired another 200,000 cards filled with more trade bait. A majority of the cards are from the early to mid 1990’s and cover the four major sports. There are plenty of the early 90’s Classic sets and 4-Sport sets. Additionally, there is a lot of hockey cards. These boxes give you aContinue reading “Trade Bait: What's Inside the Recent Truckload of Cards”

Never Before Seen Cubs Cards Added To The Collection

Twelve all-new, never seen Cubs baseball cards have been added to the One Million Cubs Project. Okay, so they are custom cards I created using the Rookies App. Still, I now have some David Bote cards in my collection. The above is my favorite, while the below Bote is my second favorite. Just love thatContinue reading “Never Before Seen Cubs Cards Added To The Collection”

Landing My Cubs "White Whale"

The term “white whale” is derived from Moby Dick. Something you chase, and chase, and chase. Recently, I landed my Cubs “white whale.” Lately I’ve been chasing pre-war cards and have picked up a few at decent prices. But the top of my want list has been Cubs cards from the 1887 Old Judge set.Continue reading “Landing My Cubs "White Whale"”

It's Okay to Cry: Baseball Cards Are Therapy

All too often we share the highs of our lives. We share the vanity we want others to see, and how we want others to see us. So, we hide all the bad. I’m guilty. It’s human nature to mask our pain from others. This post isn’t a happy mailday post. It’s not showing offContinue reading “It's Okay to Cry: Baseball Cards Are Therapy”