Growing Up In a Junk Wax World

Over the last couple months there has been a lot of reflection. With additional time at home, we begin cleaning out basements and closets stumbling upon mementos from our childhoods. There has also been much talk in the trading card hobby recently that we are heading into junk wax era 2.0, and the hobby isContinue reading “Growing Up In a Junk Wax World”

Chicago Cubs Release 28 Minor League Baseball Players

It has been a disappointing few months for baseball fans. First, Major League Baseball decided to eliminate 42 minor league baseball teams. Now, as sports organizations begin to move forward following COVID shut downs, MLB owners and players are in a dispute. No start date has been set as we are just a couple daysContinue reading “Chicago Cubs Release 28 Minor League Baseball Players”

How You Can Make Money Selling Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are hot, and in many cases selling for a lot of money. You can make money selling baseball cards, but it’s not as easy as buying a pack and striking it rich. There are many different ways to go about selling baseball cards for profit. It is not one size fits all. NotContinue reading “How You Can Make Money Selling Baseball Cards”

Javy and Hermanski Mailday

It’s been a busy Memorial Day weekend after breaking open a bunch of 2020 Bowman, listing in my eBay Store, shipping, and playing catch up on trades. In a recent trade with Mike from Indiana, he sent some pretty sweet Cubs hits. We have traded a few times in the past couple years, and heContinue reading “Javy and Hermanski Mailday”

Topps Tins and Crowds On Baseball Cards

Earlier this year Topps released a retail exclusive series 1 “pack” of baseball cards inside collectible tins. They became extremely popular upon release and people were scooping them up trying to flip for a quick buck. Topps Tins Baseball Cards 2020 Topps Series One featured six different Major League Baseball players on the front ofContinue reading “Topps Tins and Crowds On Baseball Cards”

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Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector

Many of the trades that take place in the One Million Cubs Project originate on Twitter. It was actually the last place I expected to find such a great hobby trading community. Initially, I felt trading on Twitter would be difficult since it is largely anonymous whereas Facebook has your life attached to your profile.Continue reading “Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector”

PWE Sellers Beware: Shipping Topps Coins

PWE: Plain White Envelope. In the baseball card hobby, buyers and sellers can ship in a PWE to save money on postage. Shipping baseball cards in a plain white envelope (PWE) is risky. When doing so, both buyer and seller should agree on taking that risk. More than 99% of the time the PWE willContinue reading “PWE Sellers Beware: Shipping Topps Coins”

Opinion: Bowman is Overpriced and Why I Don’t Like That

Two quotes I live by in the baseball card hobby: “Collect what you like,” and “There’s a product for everyone.” But what happens when you can no longer afford to collect what you like? Case in point: 2020 Bowman. If my collecting habits were baseball card releases, Bowman would be my flagship. Is it myContinue reading “Opinion: Bowman is Overpriced and Why I Don’t Like That”

The Simplistic Beauty of Autographed 3×5 Index Cards

Through the mail (TTM) autographs are a common hobby for collectors. Today, we have many options to send baseball players requesting a signature. With the advent of the Internet, photos can be found of minor league baseball players, or players that do not yet have a baseball card. It has become fairly cheap to printContinue reading “The Simplistic Beauty of Autographed 3×5 Index Cards”

Javier Baez and Ernie Banks May Day Mail Day

It’s May, I think. Sometimes I forget what day it is, but more than ever with shelter in place in effect. Now I forget what month it is. Shouldn’t I be watching baseball? It’s may after all. Hopefully the reports are true, and we’ll see baseball by the Fourth of July. In the absence ofContinue reading “Javier Baez and Ernie Banks May Day Mail Day”