Learning Something New Everyday: Chicago Cubs Prospect Jesse White

Baseball is a funny sport, namely with how a game or season can play out. Or how a career can play out. The Major League Baseball amateur draft can also be funny with future stars of other sports getting drafted. With how many professional teams there are in baseball, it seems there’s a former proContinue reading “Learning Something New Everyday: Chicago Cubs Prospect Jesse White”

Reviewing the One Million Cubs Project and the BCW Sorting Tray

Sorting one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards takes a lot of patience, as well as some tools to help make sorting life easier. Recently, I discovered the BCW sorting tray, and it has made baseball card sorting so much easier. Watch this video to see how handy the BCW sorting tray has become for theContinue reading “Reviewing the One Million Cubs Project and the BCW Sorting Tray”

Topps Update Chrome, Sandberg, and a Flat Rate Box of Cubs

Saturday’s mail delivery was a great start to the weekend with more than 2,200 Cubs cards added to the collection. Plus, I was able to find some Topps Update Chrome at Target. Update Chrome suddenly popped up in stores on Thursday, and I went to my local Target to check on things. The store hadContinue reading “Topps Update Chrome, Sandberg, and a Flat Rate Box of Cubs”

Minis and Steel in Friday's Mailday

A couple of Twitter packages arrived Friday. Matthew in Grand Rapids, Michigan shipped more than 400 Cubs cards, and Kurt in Detroit sent 61 cards. Matthew is one of my Royals traders and this is our third deal. I’ll be sending a nice package of Royals and plenty of Mark Gubizca cards. He tossed inContinue reading “Minis and Steel in Friday's Mailday”

Throwback Thursday, Sportlots, and Chrome Sapphire

Five packages welcomed me home on Thursday. Three of them were from Topps, an order from Sportlots, and a trade with Curt in Charlotte, North Carolina. A box came from Sportlots member “acardman,” who I had found when doing a 1984 Fun Foods pin search. I recently wrote I bought a Gary Matthews pin offContinue reading “Throwback Thursday, Sportlots, and Chrome Sapphire”

Topps Update Tuesday and a Javier Baez Rookie Mailday

One package arrived on Tuesday. It was five hobby boxes of 2018 Topps Update. Most of the Cubs that I pulled out of these five boxes had already been pulled over the weekend out of some retail blasters. In total, another 56 Cubs cards were added from the Topps Update boxes. On Wednesday, one packageContinue reading “Topps Update Tuesday and a Javier Baez Rookie Mailday”

Lots of Bowman Draft Cubs in Monday's Mailday

A sweet deal couldn’t be passed up last week on the Blowout Forums. A poster there was selling Bowman Draft player lots from 2014 and 2015 at blowout prices (pun intended). At just a quarter and fifty cents for lots of about a dozen cards for each player. There were seven Cubs players listed andContinue reading “Lots of Bowman Draft Cubs in Monday's Mailday”

Bean's Ballcard Blog Flat Rate Review

A small flat rate box full of Cubs came Saturday. Thanks to Kin, also known as Bean’s Ballcard Blog on Twitter, for the box of goodies. Well packaged on the inside with the Cubs cards inside team bags. Side note: I definitely reuse supplies such as team bags, penny sleeves, and top loaders for otherContinue reading “Bean's Ballcard Blog Flat Rate Review”

Sunday Funday at the Card Show

The monthly Madison card show at the Clarion hotel was today. I missed the September show, but came away with a nice haul in August. My plan going in was to tackle the dime boxes, and get quantity. One dealer at the last show had several monster boxes marked for a quarter, dime, nickel, andContinue reading “Sunday Funday at the Card Show”

Throwback Thursday and an Earl Cunningham Wild Goose Chase

Topps has been releasing a Throwback Thursday set, which I discovered this past summer when I found a Javier Baez All Star card on eBay. Since then, I’ve been checking the Topps website each week to see the new sets and have purchased a few featuring Cubs. One set I missed recently was the 1978Continue reading “Throwback Thursday and an Earl Cunningham Wild Goose Chase”