TGIF Hits With 2019 Donruss

Three was the magic number on Friday with a couple of trade packages courtesy of Justin in Indianapolis and James in Minnesota. The third package was an eBay purchase utilizing a $3 off coupon. With that coupon I was looking for Cole Roederer. I found a 2018 Bowman Chrome Draft Purple Refractor numbered 92/350. It’sContinue reading “TGIF Hits With 2019 Donruss”

Opening Day Special With More Than 1,000 Cubs Cards

Technically, this is not an Opening Day Mailday. Two packages arrived on Wednesday, and the mailbox was empty on actual Opening Day today, March 28. The first package was an envelope from Gary in Connecticut who sent six Cubs plus an Anthony Rizzo Red Sox card. I sent Gary a Manon Rheaume card along withContinue reading “Opening Day Special With More Than 1,000 Cubs Cards”

Unbelievable Finds in a Craigslist Purchase

I recently picked up a collection from Craigslist. After seeing the post I arranged to look at it, and it exceeded my expectations. Then, after unloading the contents in my basement and perusing through boxes it became an even better find. The description on Craigslist was fairly vague, though it did include some of theContinue reading “Unbelievable Finds in a Craigslist Purchase”

One Package, One Card, 1/1 Mailday

Only one package was in my mailbox Monday, but boy was it a good one. Just one card, and behold your eyes on this… A 2018 Topps Longball Legends Kris Bryant relic numbered 1/1. Wow! Thanks to Rich in Kentucky for offering this beauty up for trade. There are not too many 1/1 cards inContinue reading “One Package, One Card, 1/1 Mailday”

Mailday Spanning 1951 Bowman to 2019 Donruss

A full mailbox was waiting for me Friday afternoon at the post office. Three boxes were inside that included more than 3,000 cards spanning from 1951 Bowman to 2019 Donruss. One package was unexpected and it came from a childhood friend, Brandon, in Annawan, Illinois. I recounted some memories about collecting with Brandon in myContinue reading “Mailday Spanning 1951 Bowman to 2019 Donruss”

New Cubs From the Local Card Shop in Waukegan, Illinois

This weekend I made a trip to Waukegan, Illinois to watch the NCAA tournament with a couple college friends. My friend, Quincy, works right across the street from Jim and Steve’s Card Shop in Waukegan, Illinois and is a regular customer. Of course, we had to make a Saturday morning trip before the basketball gamesContinue reading “New Cubs From the Local Card Shop in Waukegan, Illinois”

Topps Now That’s What I Like

After my Craigslist purchase Wednesday night I behind on updating maildays. From Tuesday, two packages arrived. Earlier this week I also posted a hobby question regarding Topps online sets. There are Topps Now, Topps Living, Throwback Thursday, On Demand, etc. As I was driving home with a SUV load of baseball cards, I wondered toContinue reading “Topps Now That’s What I Like”

Rookies, Refractors, Bryant and Baez from Bryan

Bryan in Texas said he had about 5,000 Cubs cards to send me. He sure did. And I certainly wasn’t expecting what was inside. After thanking him immensely for the awesome assortment I had to offer some shipping advice. That postage price of $46.70 made my jaw hit the floor. This amount of cards couldContinue reading “Rookies, Refractors, Bryant and Baez from Bryan”

Goodies Galore From Texas, Illinois, West Virginia, and Arizona

Several boxes filled with nearly 6,000 Cubs baseball cards and other Cubs memorabilia sat unopened for several days last week. Three packages arrived on Wednesday and I didn’t have the chance to open any because that’s trivia night (team name: Keep the F.I.B.s Out). Thursday brought another package before I headed to Peoria, Illinois forContinue reading “Goodies Galore From Texas, Illinois, West Virginia, and Arizona”

On The Road: Gratiot, Wisconsin – Home of the "Babe Ruth of the 1880's"

Small towns fascinate me. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town. During my time in broadcasting I spent many hours on two-lane highways driving through small towns around the state of Illinois. When I head back to my hometown, a small village in Illinois named Annawan, two-lane highways are my usual route.Continue reading “On The Road: Gratiot, Wisconsin – Home of the "Babe Ruth of the 1880's"”