2018 Topps Update Cubs Review

After being pushed back twice, Topps Update will finally be hitting shelves on Monday October 22. But how did I get my hands on some Thursday? While perusing the Blowout Forums someone posted finding some Topps Update on retail shelves at Target. After work I decided to swing by my local Target just in case.Continue reading “2018 Topps Update Cubs Review”

Today's Mailday Added New Cubs From 1951 to 2018

Friday’s a great day. The mailman delivered a great mailday. Three packages arrived filled with Cubs goodness, plus an extra box of cards. But the fourth package of cards won’t be going into my collection. They will be shipped out in my eBay sales and given out at card shows. I’m a terrible graphic designer.Continue reading “Today's Mailday Added New Cubs From 1951 to 2018”

1984 Fun Foods Pin and a Package from Kardmix

Two packages came on Thursday totaling 107 Cubs cards. Earlier in the day I was on a mission regarding a former Cubs prospect. There are two things I’m trying to track down, so stay tuned. A plain white envelope was the lone package (or so I thought) inside my mailbox and in it was aContinue reading “1984 Fun Foods Pin and a Package from Kardmix”

World Series Memories Wednesday

The office is brimming with baseball chatter. Brewers this. Brewers that. Baseball 2018 is in the rear view mirror for this Cubs fan. Only three years of great success has spoiled me. While baseball is over for Cubs fans, the team is still really good, and we have happy memories. Two packages were in myContinue reading “World Series Memories Wednesday”

Eight Cubs Packages Arrive Monday Including Autographs and Parallels

Monday marked my biggest Cubs card mailday in terms of total packages without my mail being held. Eight bubble mailers and boxes were delivered. The largest package contained 3,118 Cubs cards and the smallest package was a single card purchased on eBay. The more than 3,000 cards came in a flat rate box from BillyContinue reading “Eight Cubs Packages Arrive Monday Including Autographs and Parallels”

Nearly 700 Sandberg's From a Former Astros Minor League Pitcher

The highlight of Saturday’s mail came inside a priority mail box with two 330-count boxes filled with Ryne Sandberg cards. Last week, a post in a baseball card group left me in shock with the sheer size of a Kirby Puckett collection. That’s 112,000 cards of Kirby Puckett. I can understand how many cards thatContinue reading “Nearly 700 Sandberg's From a Former Astros Minor League Pitcher”

Two Trades and an eBay Bucks Mailday

Three packages came in on Friday totaling 170 more Cubs cards. Two packages arrived via trade and one was an eBay purchase using eBay Bucks. With the recent release of Topps Heritage Minors, I came up empty finding Cubs parallels and variations. So, I went shopping armed with eBay Bucks. The first card that arrivedContinue reading “Two Trades and an eBay Bucks Mailday”

Cubs Mailday: Break Down By Player From Arrieta to Zagunis

In a recent blog, I explained that after several months of the One Million Cubs Project an organization plan has been put into place. That plan is to break my Cubs collection down by player. I’ll segment certain parts of my collection into player binders, and the rest will be sorted into monster boxes usingContinue reading “Cubs Mailday: Break Down By Player From Arrieta to Zagunis”

New Cubs Oddballs and Run-Ins with the 1984 Cubs

It’s been a slow week of updates to the blog, and now I’m a couple days behind. There were no Cubs maildays on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was busy with a work happy hour followed by trivia night, and I used Thursday night to catch up on trades and eBay sales. The alarm wasContinue reading “New Cubs Oddballs and Run-Ins with the 1984 Cubs”

Twelve Questions Tuesday With…Wrigley Roster Jenga

Monday was Columbus Day, meaning no Cubs cards arrived as the USPS had the day off. In my opinion holidays should be like grade schoolers bringing treats to class: everyone gets one. This week’s edition of Twelve Questions Tuesday chats up another inspiration behind the One Million Cubs Project. Tony Burbs at Wrigley Roster JengaContinue reading “Twelve Questions Tuesday With…Wrigley Roster Jenga”