Introducing The One Million Cubs Baseball Card Project

More than a million cards have accumulated in my collection. Throughout the time I have collected, since around 1987, Chicago Cubs baseball cards have almost always been my target.

Multiple times over the years my collecting habits have changed, but holding on to Cubs cards has almost always survived my different collecting direction.

Over the past two years breaking boxes and cases has taken precedence, and of course I hold aside the Cubs from these breaks. Buying large collections and lots is another focus. The latter is how I have accumulated almost 1.5 million trading cards.

About 60,000 cards are listed in my Sportlots store and a few hundred are posted on EBay. What about the rest? More than a million lonely cards just sitting…and sitting…and sitting.

It was time for a change. And that is what led me to the one million Cubs project. The ultimate goal is to collect a million Cubs cards while simultaneously trading off my million extra cards.

How will I do this? I would like to conduct bulk trades in medium flat rate boxes, but will also conduct smaller trades.

At this time I have begun cataloging my Cubs collection. My estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 75,000 Cubs cards. So far I have about 600 entered into my spreadsheet. A new blog highlighting this project will be introduced in the coming days, including the two blogs that were the inspiration for the Million Cubs Project.

Also, follow the project on Twitter @onemillioncubs

Please let me know if you want to trade.

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