Trade Review: 779 Cubs From Gregg T Through Baseball Card Collectors – Keep It Real

One trade that perfectly lined up was through Facebook group, Baseball Card Collectors – Keep It Real. This group boasts around 30,000 members and has been the source of many trades through the years.

This trade was a great surprise. Gregg was seeking Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Cubs. I know zero about hockey cards, and do not care to learn anything. A few months ago I purchased a truckload of baseball, football, and hockey cards from a member of the Blowout Cards forum that happened to live just two hours from me.

It was a literal truckload, rather SUV load. The haul – between 250,000 and 300,000 cards filled my front seat and floor to the ceiling. With the seats folded down we stuffed the rest of my Ford Edge with cards.

Among the cards were around 20 monster boxes and flat rate boxes containing hockey cards. I sorted through the baseball cards and left the rest in a closet. The hockey cards would/will sit in those boxes for a very long time (until I make trades).

So, to make a hockey team trade for Cubs was a great bonus. And then my Cubs package came. Bonus is a giant understatement.

The first cards I see upon opening the box were a 1983 Fleer Ryne Sandberg Rookie, vintage Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins, and a couple oversized Fergie Jenkins oddballs that I do not have in my collection.

Now, I am assuming the rest of the box is filled with junk era, and would be perfectly fine with that. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Gregg packed this box, 779 cards, with superstars. There are 128 Ryne Sandberg cards alone, featuring several oddball cards.

Mark Grace count came in at an even 100 cards, including eight rookie cards.

Sammy Sosa was the next highest in volume coming in at 71 cards. My favorite here is the 2002 Topps “Who Would Have Thought” that pictures An early Sosa with the White Sox along with a current Cubs photo.

Then came the current Cubs. I personally collect Javier Baez, and here is an additional 12 cards for my collection. The Gypsy Queen rookie is new to the collection. The border is raised and the picture is set lower than the border.

Kris Bryant came in at 10 cards featuring a 2015 Topps Update rookie.

There were also 15 Ernie Banks cards, 11 Kyle Schwarber cards, and Anthony Rizzo came in at 23 cards.

Add another 779 Cubs to the quest to One Million, and very happy with the results here to add to the future player binders of Ryne Sandberg, Javier Baez, Mark Grace, and Kris Bryant.

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