Trade Me Your Chicago Cubs Baseball Cards

The goal to acquire one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards will not be reached without your help. I need your Cubs cards.

What do I have to trade to you?

My inventory of trading cards is roughly 1,500,000 baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and non sports cards.


Preferably, I would like to trade in bulk, but any amount of Cubs cards are welcomed. Baseball is what encompasses most of my collection. My baseball cards are largely sorted by team or set. Unfortunately, I do not have much time to fill set needs unless they are base Topps sets from 1978 to present. You can always reach out to me via Twitter (@onemillioncubs) or send me an email to All teams are available except for the Chicago White Sox.


My football inventory is much smaller and looking to just trade by team. For football, the years I have are: 1981 Topps, 1983 Topps, 1986 Topps, 1989-1990 cards, and roughly 2005 to 2013 various sets.


Basketball consists of even less. Again, looking to just trade by team.


I have roughly 50,000 hockey cards and would trade by team. All teams are available except the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Other Sports

I have several sets of 2007 ACE Authentic tennis cards, various golf cards, couple thousand NASCAR and other racing cards, Arena Football cards, and around 150,000 Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns Upper Deck cards.


I have various sets of Superman, Pagemaster, Flintstones, and Coca-Cola cards.

Please trade me your Cubs!

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