Ryno, Sammy, The Hawk, and a Birthday Boy – Trade Review

Nothing came in the mail today, January 9, for the first time in several days. There are currently four trade packages on the way and a couple of eBay purchases. Tonight gives me a chance for another trade review to get caught up before the whirlwind that is Cubs Convention begins Thursday.

Today’s trade review is courtesy of Dale A. and is another trade conducted through the Facebook group Keep It Real.

Dale and I swapped Minnesota Twins for Cubs. A total of 580 cards on each side of the trade.

From this post forward I will be keeping a Ryno count with each transaction. @CardsFromTheAttic has been after me for Ryne Sandberg cards via Twitter. Eventually I will give in and accept a trade sending him Sandbergs as long as more Cubs come back as to not slow the momentum of the One Million Cubs Project.

Ryno Count: 27

A few inserts/oddballs were included such as a 1994 Upper Deck Denny’s Hologram. Reminds me of a 3 a.m Denny’s breakfast trip in Columbia, Missouri, but I digress.

Also here is a 1996 Topps Team Topps foil stamp card. There are a number of these in this box of various players. These were parallel to the regular Topps set. Another parallel is the 1993 Topps Black Gold.

Sandberg was traded to the Cubs from the Philadelphia Phillies in 1981 with Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus. Here’s the 1981 Fleer DeJesus. By the way, happy 65th birthday, Ivan.

Another 1980’s Cubs star, Andre Dawson, is here with plenty of cards. The 1989 MSA Superstars Oddball is a first for my collection.

A Cubs junk era star collection isn’t complete without Mark Grace. Darrin Jackson accompanies Grace on their 1988 Fleer rookie card.

Another 1980’s card is here with Dennis Eckersley and his 1987 Topps…

No wait, it’s a 2011 Topps Insert. This is the 60 Years of Collecting Insert. I understand the purpose behind these inserts, but I do not like that the fronts are not altered or stamped in anyway. Only a brighter picture is the difference at a glance. Not a fan of these.

Finally, there were some newer cards in this lot. Jorge Soler makes an appearance on this 2015 Topps Chrome rookie. I really hope Soler can get his career back on track. There were glimpses of potential superstardom in Chicago, but injuries slowed him down. After his trade to Kansas City, he really struggled in 2016, and spent much time in the minor leagues.

Overall, this was a good trade. A true to form bulk team trade where each collector rids their boxes of unwanted cards for cards of their team. And we are another 580 cards closer to one million.

While only 5,200 cards have been catalogued in my spreadsheet, the actual Cubs count is somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 as a rough guess.

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