Steal of a Cubs Deal Thanks to EBay Bucks Promotion

One set of Chicago Cubs baseball cards has eluded me over the past several years. In all honesty, I’m not constantly searching for this set, nor do I have push notifications set for when a new listing pops up on eBay. Still, I search eBay from time to time in search of 1990 Topps TV Cubs cards.

The Topps TV set was produced in 1990 and was available only through a TV offer in each team’s local TV market. Six total sets were made: Cubs, Cardinals, Mets, Red Sox, Yankees, and an All-Star set. Each set contained 66 cards.

This set first garnered my attention because it contained another Ty Griffin Cubs card. I’ve always been on the lookout for Griffin cards and memorabilia.

It was a pretty eclectic checklist with players such as Griffin, Len Damian, Darrin Duffy, Phil Hannon, and many others you have likely never heard of.

During my morning email checks, eBay dropped a line that one of their eBay bucks promotions was in effect. So, I decided to take advantage as I’ve had my eyes on a 20-card Cubs Topps TV Lot that included the Ty Griffin.

So, I typed in “Cubs Topps TV,” and in amazement a complete sealed set in the box was on auction….and ending in three hours! The current bid was at $4.95.

Quickly I entered a maximum bid of $15.08 and decided to try my luck. A couple hours later I decided to up my bid in the event I was busy during the final minute. My final max bid was entered at $24.09.

In the final thirty minutes I had those feelings that this auction would end much higher than I am willing to spend. There is another sealed set posted for $55 on eBay.

Also, I began thinking that I can’t break open a sealed set of a rare product. I need to see these cards. The 20-card lots were still posted, so I slapped down $11.20 shipped for the lot that includes the Ty Griffin.

And then it happened. I won the sealed 1990 Topps TV Cubs set. Another bidder pushed my winning bid to $18, but for a cool $22 shipped it was a nice win for this set.

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