Rick Reuschel, Parallels, and Sandberg's Galore

After celebrating President’s Day, or favorite mail deliverers were back delivering our baseball card goodies across America. It was a “Two For Tuesday” in my mailbox, and today I’ll highlight my box of Cubbies from Shane.

Shane has been pulling out Cubs for me and his box arrived full of new Cubs (459 to be exact) for my collection. I’m still compiling a box for Shane, and have actually found quite a few 80s oddballs from his want list.

Big Daddy times two! Rick Reuschel is one of my favorite Cubs players from the past. The 1976 Hostess with the sweet 70s ‘stache is already in my collection, though this one is an upgrade. The 1979 Kellogg’s 3D Superstars is a newbie. This card is also in great condition as these 3D cards are often cracked.

Jerome Walton appeared in several Oddball issues in 1989 and 1990 coming off his Rookie of the Year campaign. Walton is also sporting my favorite Cubs top. The blue with the large Cubs logo on the chest.

The first of three Ryne Sandberg’s is a 1988 Fold Out. I’ll keep this one flat, but the next one I’ll be folding out.

Another new Sandberg, and this one I’ve never seen before. It’s a 1989 Fleer Heroes of Baseball. This was another of Fleer’s 44-card sets that were popular in the 1980’s.

And another Sandberg I had never seen. At first glance, I thought it was a custom card based on the blurry photo. Still not exactly sure what this card is. The back says 1991 Stadium Club Herald. My search showed the same card, but with Charter Member on the front. I’ll have to do more searching.

Yet another new Oddball in the form of a 1989 J.J. Nissen Superstars Mark Grace.

This 2003 Topps Chrome Mark Guthrie is only highlighted here because a high school friend’s dad was Mark Guthrie. Baseball Mark Guthrie spent a short amount of time with the Cubs, despite two stints (1999-2000, 2003).

Ken Holtzman, on the other hand, spent plenty of time on the mound with the Cubs. Shane gifted me some vintage including this 1967 Topps.

Speaking of vintage. This isn’t vintage, rather a reprint from 2001 Topps Archives of Monte Irvin.

Sportflics are cool cards. I also hate Sportflics because they curve and I hate the feeling when you rub your fingers the wrong way in the front. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. But I love Vance Law!

Here’s another great card and I say that for three reasons:

1) Never knew this card existed

2) It’s serial numbered (248/250)

3) World Series Champs! 1907

Heritage Minors is my second favorite product of the year, only to regular Heritage (which releases in six days). Though, Heritage Minors is tops in my book for bang for your buck. You can typically grab two cases of Minors at the same price as one case of regular Heritage. Sure, the hits aren’t on the same level, but it’s great value.

And here’s a serial numbered Heritage Minors Albert Almora. The Orange bordered parallels are numbered to 25, and this is 21/25. Awesome!

Mr. Cub Ernie Banks checking in on this 1992 Front Row card. I have a few Front Row cards from the early 90’s (mostly basketball), but this is my first Front Row Cubs card.

Finally…the Ernie Banks of today, Kris Bryant. There’s only and will ever be only one Mr. Cub (Ernie Banks), though Kris Bryant is as close as they come these days. This is a cool Topps Bunt card which looks like the cover of a program.

And this is a shiny Stadium Club Insert, “Beam Team.”

Awesome cards from Shane! Hoping to get his box out by Saturday and hope he enjoys his box as much as I enjoyed mine.

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