Gypsy Oak Custom Cubs Cards Mailday

Three packages welcomed me home today. A total of 522 Cubs cards were added to the One Million Cubs Project. The best package was an envelope containing 10 custom cards.

Gypsy Oak reached out to me via direct message on Twitter last week and said he had some cards to send me. I have been following him and seen his work and is very talented.

The first card that stood out was a Helmar Art Stamps of Browne. This early 1900’s looking mini card is aged to perfection truly looking like a turn of the century item. In looking up Browne, I could only find a George Browne who played with the Cubs in 1909. The right fielder spent 12 years in Major League Baseball.

Next was a Ryne Sandberg Alpha Testing Game Piece 16 of 20. I love pencil sketches and that’s what this print appears to be. The font used for Gypsy Oak is classic and the stamped 412085 looks authentic.

I’m very familiar with the next few cards. At least the templates, not the actual artwork. The templates are printed from Rookies App, the same app I printed my Cubs Convention cards last month. Hiram Bithorn was the first Puerto Rican to play Major League Baseball, debuting with the Cubs on April 15, 1942. In 1943, Bithorn’s second season, he sported a 18-12 record with a 2.60 ERA and then served during World War II before returning to the big leagues in 1946.

Kris Bryant is featured with the Iowa Cubs.

A classic pose of Greg Maddux.

And Ryne Sandberg. Judging by the long hair, this appears to be based on an early 1980’s (1983 or 1984) picture of “Ryno.”

Finally. Some miniature mini cards. These are named Gypsy Oak Micro and are part of a game. The “Rifleman” Chuck Connors (#122) is a walk, Andre Dawson (#139) is a fielder’s choice, Lou Brock (#218) is a reached on error, and Ernie Banks is a double.

Great art and a unique addition to the One Million Cubs Project. Thanks, Gypsy Oak.

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