Random Musings On a Tuesday Afternoon

Hello, friends. My apologies for the lack of updates recently. I awoke Sunday morning to a sore throat and completely void of any energy. In fact, much of Sunday was spent on the couch, though I did get several monster boxes picked a part.


Monday brought with it another day of feeling slightly miserable, but I was able to make it through the workday. Following work I had just enough energy to look through my mailday of 1,216 Cubs cards that welcomed me home. My brain was tired and even a trade review was not in the cards (bad pun intended).

Thanks to NyQuil a full night’s sleep was had, but the sickness had completely taken over by the time my alarm rang this morning. Bed was where I stayed until 11:00. It’s now mid-afternoon and I have regained a bit of energy, and will soon be making the 20 foot walk to my mailbox shortly.


Coming up tonight, I’ll have a trade review from a 865-card box that came yesterday. There were several new additions to the collection.

A few more Cubs wants have surfaced in the form of oddballs. Two sets I have narrowed down on eBay and now just wait for an eBay bucks promotion to come along. There is currently a 10% promotion, but only purchases above $50 qualify, and these sets are currently listed for about $15.

Also, based on a twitter discussion earlier today, I am now actively seeking the Cubs Fritsch One Year Winners cards. They are difficult to find as singles, and when they do pop up, it’ll set you back about $5 per card shipped.


There is only one Cubs listed on eBay at the moment. There are some sets listed, but I’ll keep shopping. One seller has a pick your team for each of the three OYW sets, but the Cubs have sold in each year.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for a trade review tonight.

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