One Million Cubs Project Post Topps Heritage Update

The dust has settled on 2018 Topps Heritage, and the One Million Cubs Project has been pulled into the sorting, listing, and shipping phase of Heritage orders. Hence the lack of posts in the last few days.

In all, 224 Cubs cards were pulled from 2018 Heritage to be added to the collection, including a few variations. A complete review will be posted later in the week.

Last week saw 3,415 Cubs cards added to the collection. A flat rate box arrived in time for the weekend that was filled with 1,551 cards. This was the result of a Reds for Cubs swap.

Sunday brought a guest appearance on the Preserve the Hobby podcast, talking about the project as well as Topps Heritage.

Monday saw a nice box in the mailbox from Chad. I’ll be sending out a box of Green Bay Packers for him this week.

That’s a brief update, and look to get caught up and post regularly by Thursday this week .

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