Treasure Chest of Cubs

One of my maildays this week came from Rob in New Jersey. In total, 593 Cubs cards came in the box with a treasure trove of Cubs goodies.

Rob’s box came filled with anything and everything from 1970’s Cubs to my favorite early 2000’s prospect busts to Hall of Fame rookies.

What made this box break so great were the Easter Eggs hidden among the cards. I discovered a Ryne Sandberg rookie card mixed amongst Corey Patterson and Doug Dascenzo cards. And then a second Sandberg rookie. And could it be? Yes, a third Ryno rookie!

Sandberg wasn’t the only Hall of Famer rookie in Rob’s box. He also included a Bruce Sutter rookie card.

One of my favorite early 2000’s busts was Hee Seop Choi. Mainly because he was the trade chip that made Derrek Lee a Cub possible.

There were many new additions to my Cubs collection in this box. This thick Sammy Sosa card at one time featured audio from WGN radio of his 300th home run. Unfortunately, the audio no longer plays.

Greg Maddux signed with the Atlanta Braves during the prime of his career, but later returned to the Cubs. That made me happy because we get some cool and shiny Maddux Cubs cards. This 2005 Ultra has rounded cards like a credit card.

Topps Total was one of my favorite sets of the 2000’s. Great photography and I like the card stock they used. Plus, it gave us Cubs Collectors cards of relative unknowns like Ivanon Coffie.

Nomar Garciaparra also got a Topps Total card in 2005. I’ll never forget where I was the night the Cubs acquired Nomar in three-team trade. I was at Parkside Sports Bar in Macomb, Illinois (where you could find me most days in 2004). I was so happy with the trade I immediately went shopping for Garciaparra Cubs jerseys. I finally found one for $125. Not money well spent, and that jersey still hangs in my closet not worn in over a decade.

Eric Hinske was recently a Cubs coach. I had no idea his 2002 Fleer Rookie Flashback Insert existed.

Finally, several vintage reprints. During one of my Cubs collecting sprees a few years ago I was buying reprint sets. These are all perforated that I’ve never seen.

Great trade that added several new cards to the collection. It also gave me the chance to rid my collection of the hated St. Louis Cardinals cards. Thanks, Rob!

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