Saturday Morning Sorting Unearths a Stack of Hits

Among my favorite weekly activities is sorting baseball cards on Saturday mornings. It began a few years ago when I dived back into the hobby at full speed. I had bought a couple large Craigslist lots and had plenty of sorting to keep me busy.

My card area at our previous house was a section in the unfinished basement. It was dark and unsightly. It split me between two levels as my “business” transactions (eBay and Sportlots) were printed upstairs in my man cave and then I would head down to the basement to pull cards. When I sorted and pulled cards I would turn on the WWE Network on my iPad and the tradition began.

Fast forward to the present and I have my perfect setup. My own card room complete with computer/printer/scanner surrounded by beautiful boxes of cardboard. In the TV room I have plenty of room to bring out some boxes to watch old Raw episodes on the WWE Network, which continues to be my Saturday morning tradition.

This morning I was pulling some 800 count boxes for team sorting. Some boxes have never been sorted since those Craigslist purchases in 2015 and 2016. Other boxes were randomly filled with cards for whatever reason.

As I opened up an unmarked box I realized there were quite a few newer cards. Not just newer cards, but hits! Autographs, relics, serial numbered cards, rookies, vintage. Wow!

Some of the cards I don’t even remember owning. Others I recall pulling from boxes and setting aside for later. Nothing extravagant here. It’s not like I unearthed a pile of pristine tobacco cards hidden away for a century. Nonetheless it’s always a nice start to the day when you pull a stack of cards worth a couple bucks each.

The cherry on top? Cubs cards! There were nine Cubs cards in the box. A 2016 Opening Day Kris Bryant rookie cup.

A Greg Maddux 1987 Donruss The Rookies.

Some vintage Ron Santo. A 1974 Topps All Star featuring Santo and Brooks Robinson.

Heritage Minors is one of my favorite sets. Albert Almora was in the 2015 set with the Tennessee Smokies.

Kyle Schwarber 2015 Bowman Draft.

And another Heritage Minors from 2013. It’s a black border Gioskar Amaya 91/96.

This was a great surprise to add to the Cubs collection this morning as I’m not expecting anything in the mailbox today.

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