Busy Week Adds 1,734 Cubs to the One Million Cubs Project

It was a busy week for the One Million Cubs Project. A total of 1,734 Cubs cards were added to the collection by varying means. There were 1,637 cards added through three trades, 15 cards added via Twitter purchase, 18 cards added through three eBay purchases, 2 cards added from my local card shop, 46 cards added from buying 2018 Bowman, and 17 cards added from the Walgreen’s jumbo boxes.


Monday’s mailday brought in 440 cards from Dan on Facebook. I sent him Atlanta Braves in return. Wednesday’s mailbox was full of 645 cards from #TheYankeesMillion. He is trying to collect one million Yankees cards.

For two bucks I took a chance on Thursday. A Tyson Miller Bowman Chrome autograph arrived from eBay. It was just $2.00 shipped. That’s a heck of a deal, especially for a chrome auto of a player in the lower ranks of the minor leagues. Miller was a fourth round pick by the Cubs in 2016. He is currently with high-A Myrtle Beach and is off to a 2-2 start with a 3.15 ERA in 20 innings with 22 strikeouts to 7 walks.

After searching Wal-Mart’s and Target’s since Monday, I found my first Bowman on Thursday afternoon. I grabbed all three blaster boxes that remained on the shelf.

As I drove from one Target to another, my route happened to take me right by my local card shop, The Baseball Card Shoppe. I popped in to see what the hobby prices were on 2018 Bowman. Regular hobby boxes were $165, which is less than I expected, but still far too high than I’m willing to spend on Bowman.


I didn’t leave empty handed. First, I glanced at the baseball card albums as eventually I’ll be putting together player binders and want to see the sizes and how the spines look. The shop owner did say he would discount me 20% with the purchase of a 12-album case, which is the amount I would like to start with. Per album it would come out to be about $5.00. A great price. One factor I’m still debating is the size. These albums are 3″ and I’d really like 2″ binders, though I will be able to make the 3″ binders work. Another is the spine. There is just a small plastic pocket at the bottom of the spine for a label. I’d like a larger pocket for a label.

So I did buy a box of 100 BCW protective pages and saw a bargain bin with 1983 and 1984 Donruss Action All-Stars. A Leon Durham was showing on the front of one pack, and is not in my collection, so I sifted through the rest of them. There was a Bill Buckner on the back of another so I bought the two. For $0.50 a pack, not bad.


I do have the others for trade if anyone is interested. From 1983: Richie Zisk, Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Carlton, Gary Ward, and Damaso Garcia. And from 1984: Dave Stieb, Reggie Jackson, George Hendrick, and the checklist.

It was a triple mailday on Friday with two eBay purchases, and one purchase from @CardsFromAttic.

Bowman rained down on Saturday as I found it stocked and a few different retail outlets. I’ll be reviewing my 2018 Bowman Cubs hits later.

As I was out and about looking for Bowman on Saturday, I wanted to check out Walgreen’s. Lately, there have been many people buying the $4.99 jumbo boxes and pulling Bryce Harper rookie cards.


There were five boxes on the shelf, so I figured for $25 at the chance of a Harper rookie or two it’s a fun, cheap break. The boxes rang up on sale…for $1.24 a box! No Bryce Harper rookies were inside, but I did pull a Ken Griffey Jr. Fleer rookie and 17 Cubs cards.

Another blog coming this week will detail a couple recent purchases and what Cubs cards I have been aiming for.

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