What's Happening With the One Million Cubs Project

Things have been busy lately, and only getting busier over the next couple weeks, hence the lack of blog posts recently.

Trades were light this week, though I did get packages from Ben in California, Chris in Pennsylvania, Jacob in Texas, Bob in Pennsylvania, and Ryan in New Jersey.

A few eBay packages came in. The 1986 Unocal set that surprised me when it arrived. Read why I was surprised.

Since the 2018 Bowman checklist was released, the David Bote retail exclusive autograph was high on my want list. Of course, the prices were at a premium as it was newly released. Those prices have since dipped and I jumped. Prices will continue to fall, but I was a bit impatient and pulled the trigger.

Mega Box Mania

The red hot 2018 Bowman Mega Boxes were released this past Wednesday exclusively in Target stores. The boxes actually started popping up in various Target stores late last week.

I made multiple stops to Target stores each day this week and came up nearly empty. On Friday afternoon I asked one Target employee who said they came in on Monday and sold out immediately. The second Target I visited had four boxes left and I scooped them up. Finally, I stopped at a Target one mile down the road from my house. It’s a store I visited both on my lunch break and on my way home from work each day this week. An employee said they came in on Wednesday and were sold out quickly. The employee said he wanted to get a couple and was even working that day and never saw them.

Organization and Clean Up

A few weeks ago I picked up another truckload of cards. This puts me at nearly two million cards total.

That many cards covers every square inch of my card closet as well as my card room. Well…they still don’t all fit.

So, this week I have also had to do a bit of clean up in the card room. My supplies and binder shelves came crashing down last weekend.

It was good, because it forced me to do a massive clean up in this corner and throw away empty hobby boxes (I’ll admit that’s hoarder status), purge my binders, and make some room for my Cubs collection. My supplies are now more organized as well.

Busy Weeks Ahead

In a former life I was a sports broadcaster, and still dabble from time to time. Next weekend begins my 10th year broadcasting the Illinois high school state softball finals. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be cramming to prepare for the next two weeks of tournaments.

My trades will be limited over the next two weeks, but I’ll try to post regularly. Typically, Topps Archives has been released the week of the first weekend of tournaments, and my first night in the hotel was spent opening some blasters. Archives has been pushed back this year, so maybe I can find some Bowman or Heritage to rip.

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