One Million Cubs Project Weekend Update

It’s been a whirlwind past few days, as expected. This week will be much of the same as I work the Illinois high school softball state finals again next weekend.

My travels began on Thursday afternoon as I headed south to Peoria, Illinois. The trip took about 30 minutes longer than normal due to construction on I39, which also included a very bad accident between Beloit, Wisconsin and Janesville, Wisconsin.

Once I arrived at my hotel I had nine Bowman Mega Boxes to rip open. It was such a fun rip at only $15 per box. There is so much value here, and it’s obvious why they are selling for twice as much on the secondary market. Out of the nine boxes I opened in my room, there were three autographs and plenty of color. Unfortunately, zero Cubs Mojo refractors. I did pull 14 base and chrome, though.

It was all work Friday and Saturday broadcasting the state finals. We had four great semifinal games on Friday. The Saturday schedule was moved up due to the threat of severe weather Saturday afternoon. That meant my day was over by 4:00, so I spent some time visiting the two Target stores to scope any evidence of lingering Mega Boxes, or even regular Bowman. Strike outs at both stores. In fact each store had been picked over and the only blasters available were Opening Day and Diamond Kings. Pass.

Then I paid a visit to Baseball Card City in Peoria. Not much of a selection of new wax, so I picked through a Cubs box. When I came across a 1989 Upper Deck Ryne Sandberg proved at $1.99, I put the stack back and went on my way. I’m all about supporting local card shops, but come on. Two bucks for a junk era Sandberg?!?

I drove north to my hometown of Annawan, Illinois for the annual Fun Days celebration. I indulged in a few beers with my mom and her friends and then stuck around Sunday for the parade before driving home. I had three packages awaiting my return. I haven’t had a chance to open these up, and most likely won’t have a chance until Tuesday. It’ll be another crammed week!

By the way, if you are reading this right now (Sunday night at 8 pm), you have four hours to take advantage of 10% eBay Bucks!

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