An Awesome Unexpected Mailday Packed With Cubs Autographs

As I opened my mailbox I was expecting one package to be inside (more on that tomorrow). But to my surprise there was a second and larger package. The curiosity struck me because I currently do not have any trades that would arrive today.

It was sent from my buddy Matt in Galesburg, Illinois. This was truly unexpected. And then I opened up to find the contents! Wow!

First, there are several Sunoco unopened packs. They are from a set I haven’t seen before produced in 2001. It’s Sunoco Dream Team and the set includes 12 cards. I opened a pack to check them out.

There were a couple piles of 2005 Peoria Chiefs cards. The Chiefs (the Cubs-affiliated Chiefs are close to my heart, and I don’t have any from 2005….until now).

As I looked inside, I was shocked. Here’s an Alberto Garcia signed Bowman Chrome. And another, and another, and another…

Also a signed 1983 Fleer Jody Davis.

And a couple 2004 SP Prospects Ryan Norwood signed cards.

Peoria also put out a smaller team set in the mid-2000’s from the Disabled American Veterans. Now I have a 2006 DAV Chiefs set.

But wait…Opening another packet I found more autographs…a lot more!

Mixed among the Cubs and autographs were a Michael Jordan, a 1983 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr, and a couple of really nice Kellogg’s 3-D All Stars.

To top it all off a couple sealed minor league sets of the Las Vegas Stars and Omaha Royals from 1990.

At first I was going to send a stack of Tony Gwynn cards to Matt. After flipping through all these goodies I’m gonna have to step up my game for a return package. I love this hobby!

I’ll be heading out to a Madison Mallards game in a few minutes. My office reserved seating in the “Duck Blind.” I’ll be looking to add to my “sorta Cubs collection” in search of a 2017 Mallards team set. Cubs first round draft pick Nico Hoerner was a member of the Mallards last summer. The Mallards are a collegiate summer team.

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