Jorge Soler Autograph and 2018 Cubs for a Medium Flat Rate Box of Hockey Cards

Another package that arrived last week was from a trade with Jason in New York. The trade originated from my post selling medium flat rate boxes of hockey cards for $20 shipped.

There are still several of these boxes available if anyone wants one. Only $20 shipped, or I will entertain a trade for Cubs cards. The boxes contain hockey cards from the mid 1980s to about 2013. A lot of the cards are from about 1998-2013. On occasion I find a couple cards from the 1970’s sprinkled in. Many superstars are here, it’s just all base and maybe some inserts.

Jason proposed a trade that I was happy with highlighted by a 2014 Elite Extra Edition Jorge Soler autograph 53/75.

The rest of the Cubs package contained mostly sets that I don’t buy much of. Gypsy Queen is one of the products I typically only grab a blaster or two.

Donruss uses great photography and I enjoy most of their designs. It stinks there is an exclusive MLB license with Topps. Two companies battling it out would be great for the hobby.

Take for example: Diamond Kings. Great looking set. But it’s mostly an afterthought because it’s an unlicensed product.

Here’s Javy!

My wife also likes these trades where I’m trading 1,000-1,500 cards for 20 cards. Usually it’s me bringing home a truckload of cards. Again, if anyone wants hockey I’ll be happy to unload these flat rate boxes for $20 or for Cubs cards in a trade similar to this.

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