One Million Cubs Project Daily and Weekly Stats

Over the past couple weeks I have been stretched hobby thin. Between boxes of Allen & Ginter, trades, and acquiring Cubs cards, it’s been tough to do the blog reviews on a daily basis the way I had been doing.

Initially, in a project such as this, I envisioned keeping detailed stats of the project with the amount of player cards received, an inventory update of certain cards or players, trades, etc. Unfortunately, this just hasn’t been possible. While my total count is nearly updated (I have one flat rate box yet to open from last week to count and two boxes that arrived in today’s mail), I’ve slacked on passing along more stats. I’m a numbers guy, so I am going to put forth a better effort in providing those numbers.

From now on, instead of going into detailed trade reviews, I’m going to blog each day what came in the mail, a few highlights, detail the traders, and provide updated numbers for the journey to one million Cubs. There will still be some trade review blogs, but in getting so behind and having several maildays in a row with multiple packages this will be a more complete way to highlight these trades, as well as giving you a more micro look at the numbers as opposed to the macro view at the top of this page that includes only the total cards in my Cubs baseball card collection to date.

Three packages arrived in Wednesday’s mail. Two from trades, and one online purchase. In yesterday’s blog, I highlighted the deal I received from the South Bend Cubs team store buying a couple 2017 team sets.

Robert from Florida sent a box of 96 cards that included a little bit of everything. Hey! A 1961 Topps Ernie Banks. Whoah! A few vintage including a 1973 Topps Randy Hundley, 1968 Topps Chuck Hartenstein, 1970 Topps Rookie Stars Randy Bobb and Jim Cosman, and 1975 Topps cards of Rick Reuschel and Tom Dettore. Always enjoy receiving Javier Baez cards. I included the 2004 Topps Heritage Tony Womack because he’s a forgotten Cub, and this is one of my favorite Heritage sets. The Carlos Zambrano and Sammy Sosa inserts are new to the collection.

The third package came from Todd in California. I’ll be sending some Red Sox cards his way. Todd sent over 117 Cubs cards, including about 60 Sammy Sosa cards. Sosa will definitely be a player that I put a binder together for. He included a complete team set of 2002 Victory.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Wednesday’s (8/1/2018) Count – 283
Wednesday’s (8/1/2018) Packages – 3
Weekly Count – 1,166
Total Count – 141,954

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