A Flood and Some Retail Baseball Cards

Fortunately the flood and baseball cards are mutually exclusive in this case. We received 15 inches of rain in a 24-hour period on Tuesday. My mailbox was empty on Tuesday, which was a good thing as Tuesday evening was a bit busy scooping up my mother-in-law’s flooded basement. Our house is on high enough land that the basement (and my precious baseball cards) was bone dry. So, I’m pretty comfortable that my basement can withstand over a foot of rainfall in a short period of time.

We did have some losses in the flood. On the bright side, with the help of a few friends, only the unfinished portion of my mother-in-law’s basement flooded. The finished area was saved. However, there were two bouts of the basement flooding. During the lull, my wife and I returned home. We were pet sitting for friends, and my wife went to check on their cat while I stayed with the dogs. During that time my mother-in-law’s basement began flooding again and my wife drove straight there. She didn’t quite make it to the driveway before the flooded street stalled her car out. It’s a goner. My mother-in-law is also fortunate because this is what her neighbor’s backyard looks like (there’s a pool in there).

Here’s another look at the area behind her house. The stream is only about half as wide as that pedestrian bridge.

Wednesday was our scheduled day for cleaners to come, which also means I spend my lunch break at Target. There were no Archives in stock, but I picked up some value packs of Topps Chrome. Out of the five packs I netted three base cards of Anthony Rizzo, Jen Ho Tseng, and Ian Happ.

An Anthony Rizzo pink refractor was a nice hit.

But….look at this! An auto. A Cubs autograph! In less than a week I have pulled two Cubs autographs out of packs (Don Kessinger Archives Fan Favorites). This is my first Victor Caratini autograph.

After work I had to make another Target run to grab salt for the water softener. This time I stopped at my nearby store that did not have any Archives when I scoped it out last Friday. Archives was in stock this time! Of course, I had to pick some up.

Both the Anthony Rizzo and Yu Darvish are checked off my list. I believe I have the complete Cubs team set now.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Wednesday’s (8/22/2018) cards: 12
Wednesday’s (8/22/2018) packages: 1
Weekly Count: 65
Total Count: 149,684

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