Finding (Baseball Cards in) Florence, Italy

It’s the middle of my wife and I’s tour of Italy, and we spent our first day in Florence. Upon checking into our hotel we set out for a quick lunch.


We asked the hotel desk for recommendations, and began walking toward their suggestion. About two blocks in we found an interesting spot.

1950 American Diner. It was complete with a soda bar, waitresses on roller skates, classic American memorabilia on the walls, Elvis on the jukebox and a classic American menu.

Since I ate a large breakfast/brunch, I was looking for something “light.” Light as in French fries and an Oreo milkshake. “When in Rome,” right? In all honesty, I have ate pizza at least a half dozen times, and pasta just as much. I have always wondered if I could go an entire week without red meat. Now I know it can be done. If only America could master Italian pasta and pizza, I could do it more often.


When glancing above me on the wall I spotted a Seattle Mariners pennant. And of course…that puke green and gold color scheme of the Green Bay Packers. But, wait…”Sporty Room” down below. I had to take a look.

Whoah! Now this is a sporty room. I guess since it’s an American diner it is reflecting American sports, so it’s mainly football and baseball. This is the first recognition of either sport while spending seven days in Italy. It’s all Futbol here.

Yes, those are baseball cards on the wall. There’s Ryne Sandberg!

And Andre Dawson.


Over to the left is Cubs pitcher Kevin Blankenship.

Across the way is Paul Kilgus.

Hey, over here! It’s a starting lineup or other figurine of Carlos Zambrano.

Chicago high schools are also represented with a Hyde Park pennant.

Since it was a late and light lunch I didn’t feel bad for stopping into an American diner in Italy.


We had a delicious dinner in the evening after a boat ride along the Arno River.

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