Two Weeks Worth of Mail Days Adds 3,668 Cubs Cards

After two weeks in Italy, I had a bounty of Cubs cards awaiting my arrival home. There was a total of 17 packages that held 3,668 Cubs cards.

These cards were acquired in multiple ways including a few trades. A box of 402 cards came from Brett from Dayton, Ohio. His box was chock full of Cubs, many from the past 5-6 years. There were a seven early Javier Baez cards! Also, a new Jerome Walton card that I didn’t have: 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes. And a Jorge Soler 2015 Rated Rookie 22/750.

A Facebook trade with Bill in Cleveland, Tennessee brought me a flat rate box of 1,820 Cubs cards.

NYHobbyClub on Twitter has narrowed his collecting focus to Ryan McMahon cards. This is our second trade and he sent over a medium and small flat rate box of Cubs totaling 719 Cubs cards including a Ryne Sandberg 1983 Fleer rookie card!

Joe Tinker from the Zombies of 1908 sent over a box of 273 cards. Inside were some vintage including some 1969, 1970, and 1971 Topps Cubs cards.

Peter in New York shipped over 107 Cubs. Javier Baez sighting! A couple vintage here in a 1966 Topps Ted Abernathy and 1966 Topps Bob Buhl.

I found another Sportlots seller with volume of Javier Baez cards, and put in an order for 50 more Javy’s!

A purchase from the Blowout Forums was mainly to grab some hits from 2018 Topps Chrome and 2018 Heritage High Number. With it came some Cubs cards as bonus. A total of 43 cards, including three David Bote Heritage High Number rookies. It also included Topps Chrome prism refractors of Anthony Rizzo and Jose Quintana as well as a Hertage High Number Chrome Refractor Brandon Morrow.

Courtney in Defiance, Ohio sent 88 Cubs including a stack of 2018 Allen & Ginter and an Anthony Rizzo flag patch card.

For a few months I’ve been trying to catch Gummy Arts custom art cards for sale. They sell out fast. Really fast! Finally, I was able to catch a set of the 2016 Cubs World Series champions set in the design of T206. It’s a total of 33 cards and if you get the chance definitely make a purchase of his customs. They are really awesome.

The next package could be debatable whether they are “cards” or not, but I’ve always considered pocket schedules as part of my card collection. Pocket schedules are (typically) the same size as a baseball card, usually have a player or design on the front. Doing a late night eBay search I stumbled across an ebayer with several pocket schedules for sale. I put in a bunch of best offers, all were accepted, and 20 new pocket schedules have been added to my collection. Many are minor league schedules. The oldest is a 1977 Chicago Cubs schedule. Others include the Iowa Cubs, Orlando Cubs, Geneva Cubs, Williamsport Cubs, and Daytona Cubs.

A PWE arrived with eight Cubs cards. It came from Pearson in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. I’ll have to look back on my messages to recall the sender. These cards carry some sentimental value. I think I had just finished third grade and had a big birthday party. We “camped” in a tent in my backyard, and the 1991 Donruss Cubs team set was one of my gifts that year. I have a picture I’ll have to post the next time I visit my mom.

Recently I was reading Tom from Waiting ’til Next Year’s blog, and discovered a Topps Pro Debut Chadd Krist autograph. Krist joined the Peoria Chiefs in the second half of the 2012 season when I was working for the team and played really well. I was excited for his future in the organization. I had no idea he had an auto, so I had to find one. They are pretty cheap and I found this on eBay for a few bucks shipped.

Another card found for a few bucks shipped was much less than I expected. It’s the 2018 Topps New Era Javier Baez. These are/were only available in select stadiums with the purchase of both a New Era item and Topps item. I was able to get a pack at Wrigley Field this summer, but didn’t pull a Baez in my pack. I expected to pay $10-12 for the Baez with the season he’s having, but this one fell to me for about $4-5 shipped.

That Cubs game at Wrigley Field when I picked up the Topps New Era pack? It was an exciting one! David Bote hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning against the Reds. The moment was featured on a Topps Now card that I bought on eBay.

Bote was also featured in a recent Topps Throwback Thursday set. I’m becoming a big fan of these sets, and this is the second set I bought (I have the other cards from the set for sale in my eBay store).

Another direct from Topps purchase was the Bryce Harper designed 220 set. Harper designed the cards, and the players featured are who Bryce would want on his team. Javier Baez made the list (surprised Bryce’s good friend Kris Bryant didn’t crack the list). It’s a really cool set that comes in this box.

All but the Baez from this set are available at low prices in my eBay store. I bought the base set version. There was also an autograph or relic version for $15 more. It sold out fast, and looking back I should have sprung for that version. Oh well.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

9/28/2018 (vacation mailday) cards: 3,668

9/28/2018 (vacation mailday) packages: 17

Weekly Count: 3,668

Total Count: 158,982

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