More than 2,000 Cubs Cards Make Their Way From Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Unexpected maildays are the best maildays. Since I have the UPS app on my phone I get notifications of packages that are on their way to my doorstep. Earlier this week I received a notification that a box was on its way from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

But, I didn’t order anything. I have a case of Topps Heritage Minors enroute, but that’s being shipped through FedEx. Last Christmas I gave my wife a subscription to Rachel Zoe, or something. She gets a seasonal box each quarter. It’s the fashion equivalent to a box break! That box arrived last week, so what’s coming from Mississippi?

It was delivered on Wednesday, so I eagerly anticipated seeing what it was. It was dropped off just before lunch, and then it dawned on me when I saw the return address. An old college friend, Devin, had reached out to me a couple weeks ago saying he had some Cubs cards to send my way. I completely forgot about that exchange as I was in Italy.

(Yeah, that’s me with spiked blonde tips, a puka shell necklace, boot flare jeans, and Doc Martens)

Devin and I hung out while at Western Illinois University. It takes me back to the “good old days,” specifically a sports bar we both frequented, Parkside. Parkside was my Cheers, and I subjected many fine patrons to bleeding ears of my karaoke stylings each Thursday and Saturday night. My go-to was “Love Shack,” and a Dan Band version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I digress.

When Devin said he had some Cubs cards to send me, I interpreted “some” as like 50 or 100 cards….not 2,287 cards!

Even better, many of the cards are pre-junk era, dating back to 1958 Topps. Totally unexpected. From 1958 Topps it’s Sam Taylor. Also, a 1959 Topps Moe Drabowsky, 1960 Topps Art Ceccarelli, and 1961 Topps Cubs team card.

Some Cubs legends: 1967 Topps George Altman, 1968 Topps Ken Holtzman, 1972 Topps Billy Williams, 1973 Topps Fergie Jenkins, 1974 Topps Rick Reuschel, and 1975 Topps Bill Madlock.

Two new cards I didn’t have from 1978 O-Pee-Chee of Bruce Sutter and Tim Blackwell.

I have the Mark Grace 1990 Score Scoremasters card, but this is my first Ryne Sandberg.

Two more new Sandberg oddball cards: a pair of 1993 Starting Lineup cards.

A 1987 Donruss the Rookies Greg Maddux.

One of my favorite 90’s Cubs cards. The 1990 Score Earl Cunningham.

What a great box of Cubs! I asked Devin what he wanted, and he said to make a donation to Wal-Mart’s Angel Tree. I will be doing that this holiday season.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Wednesday’s (10/3/2018) cards: 2,286

Wednesday’s (10/3/2018) packages: 1

Weekly count: 2,288

Total Count: 160,670

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