Sunday Funday at the Card Show

The monthly Madison card show at the Clarion hotel was today. I missed the September show, but came away with a nice haul in August. My plan going in was to tackle the dime boxes, and get quantity. One dealer at the last show had several monster boxes marked for a quarter, dime, nickel, and even a couple penny boxes!

Sadly, that dealer was not there and only one dime box was spotted. There seemed to be two or three less dealers this month. The local shop owner who had to close due to a major flood was set up. I stopped by his garage sale on Saturday, and everything he had out in his garage was at the show.

Yesterday I picked up some junk wax on the cheap from his garage sale, and steered clear today. The first few tables had many cards without prices. My biggest pet peeve, and typically I’ll walk on by if I have to ask for prices on anything.

One table had a bunch of new wax, including two boxes of Topps Heritage Minors for $49 a box. That’s a great deal, and I had to force myself to move along. The next stop was a table with monster boxes of vintage. My first purchase was made here totalling three cards. Out of the dollar box I found a 1965 Topps Embossed Dick Ellsworth, and it’s in great condition.

There aren’t too many 1960’s Cubs cards I’m targeting, so I started sifting through the 1950’s box where each card was priced (thank you!). I found a 1952 Topps that is needed for my collection, #164 Walt Dubiel.

And I’m a sucker for the black and white 1953 Bowman. I found a Roy Smalley that I needed. The total of the three cards came to $11, but he only charged me $10. Score!

Across the way one dealer had multiple empty wax boxes filled with cards in top loaders. They were sorted by sport, but pretty unorganized. The thing is….those are my favorite dealers. They seem to be more personable and prices are right, not looking for $5 on a card that sells for a quarter. The problem here is nothing was priced, so my initial thought was sift through a couple piles and walk on. But, I found a 1962 Post George Altman in good shape, and it’s needed in my collection. I asked how much and he said $2. Sold! He didn’t have change for a $10 bill, which was the smallest I had, so he said just take it. That’s awesome, but I’m not gonna let the guy give me a card and move on. There wasn’t much else I wanted, but I looked through the other 60’s box.

The second box had a 1961 Frank Thomas. I may or may not have this already, but I’ll add to my pile for another $2.

Then out of a box of newer stuff was a 2017 Bowman Platinum Eloy Jimenez green Parallel 68/99. He only wanted a buck. What a deal!

The Old Card Guy was my last stop, just like last time. He always has some nice 50’s and 60’s cards, and today brought some beautiful graded T206 cards.

He had a couple Cubs T206, including a Johnny Kling PSA 3.5 for $59. I thought about offering $50 for it, but decided to save the money. Instead, I found a 1963 Fleer Glen Hobbie.

And then he had a row of 1964 Topps high numbers, and I knew I needed all the Cubs. I found a Leo Burke.

And Glen Hobbie.

Then, I found two others from 1964 Topps that, based on initial appearance, I need. The first was head coach Bob Kennedy. Oh, the College of Coaches. Blech!

Finally, a Lindy McDaniel.

Not a bad day at the card show and only spent $42 and came home with just 11 cards, but all were new to my Cubs collection.

On the way home I had to stop at Target to get coffee. In the mood, I picked up a blaster of Topps Update and got three Cubs cards. I completely forgot David Bote was in the set, and fortunately pulled one.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Sunday’s (10/21/2018) Cards: 14

Sunday’s (10/21/2018) Packages: card show and retail purchases

Weekly Count: 4,667

Total Count: 173,714

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