Topps Update Chrome, Sandberg, and a Flat Rate Box of Cubs

Saturday’s mail delivery was a great start to the weekend with more than 2,200 Cubs cards added to the collection. Plus, I was able to find some Topps Update Chrome at Target.


Update Chrome suddenly popped up in stores on Thursday, and I went to my local Target to check on things. The store had plenty! Over 20 blaster boxes, and several hanger packs. I picked up a few of each and came away with seven Cubs cards, including a David Bote rookie.

Of the seven Cubs, FOUR Javier Baez, including an insert and a pink refractor.

Recently a seller in a Facebook group was offering large lots of junk era stars, and I inquired about Ryne Sandberg.


He had about 250 (259 to be exact) and we settled on $20 shipped (less than $0.08 per card). Only one card was new to my collection and that’s a 1991 Topps Bazooka Shining Star.

I think I have this 1990 Woolworth’s, but it did look new to me as I dug through the pile.

Early Topps Finest was a beautiful set. This Sandberg is from the 1994 release.

A medium flat rate box arrived from Jenny in Minnesota. This is our third or fourth trade, and I shipped out an Orlando Arcia signed Brewers logo ball and a stack of Miguel Sano cards. Her box featured 1,951 Cubs cards. 1981 Fleer, to me, is an iconic set.


I’m also a sucker for the Cubs powder blue with pinstripes jerseys. Also, a great shot of Lynn McGlothen warming up in front of the Wrigley Field ivy. Did you know? 1981 Fleer packs included sticks of gum. It was the only year, because Topps acquired the exclusive license to distribute gum in packs in 1982.

Here’s an Andrew Cashner 2010 Bowman Chrome rookie card. He was extremely important to the Cubs organization as he was shipped to San Diego for a prospect by the name of Anthony Rizzo.

More rookies! Here are a couple Jeff Samardzija’s.


This was the first time I remember seeing a George Bell Chicago Cubs baseball card. 1991 Fleer Update.

Remember Mark Parent catching for the Cubs? Me, neither!


Topps ’52 was an awesome set. Here’s an Angel Pagan rookie.

I had to do a double take when I saw this card. I have no recollection of the 1993 Fleer Ultra Dennis Eckersley Career Highlights Cubs card.


Surely, I have this card somewhere, but I always enjoy stumbling across a card I don’t recall.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (10/28/2018) Cards: 2,217

Saturday’s (10/28/2018) Packages: 3

Weekly Count: 3,865

Total Count: 177,935

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