Mystery Package Tuesday

Surprises are great. I also like doing investigative work trying to figure out where a mystery package comes from.

An Amazon box was on my doorstep, and it had no return address. I opened it up and it was filled with envelopes full of Cubs cards. The envelopes each had names on them.

Thanks to the mystery sender, and I’m curious as to what the meaning is behind the named envelopes. Also, please let me know if this is your box so I can thank you!

Inside was 471 Cubs cards. I mentioned recently I love the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Broder (unlicensed) cards. Here’s a Mark Grace from 1990.

Some new Cubs including Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Ian Happ.

One of my favorites: Kerry Wood. I like the box score in the background. But at closer look, what was Fleer doing. The box score isn’t even a Wood-pitched game. It’s not even from a Cubs game! The box score is from a Mets/Marlins game. At least the Mets starting pitcher that game was a former Cub…Steve Trachsel.

I love this Fleer Cubs team leaders card probably because it reminds me of how much fun the 2003 postseason was. It definitely was a very disappointing finish, but what a fun ride it was.

More Fleer here. Is Todd Hundley the biggest Cubs free agent bust of the past 25 years? I was so excited with his signing, and he sure stunk it up.

Two more packages arrived in the form of white envelopes. Raul from Spain interviewed me for Pitcheos Salvajes, and sent over two Kris Bryant’s. Thank you so much for writing about my project and adding to the collection!

A second mystery package was a PWE from Boston. Inside were eight Cubs including a Javier Baez. Also, I believe this 2015 Topps High Tek Jorge Soler is new to my collection.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Tuesday’s (11/13/2018) Cards: 481

Tuesday’s (11/13/2018) Packages: 3

Weekly Count: 481

Total Count: 188,407

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