Pre-Chicago Show Friday Mailday

What an exciting weekend for my baseball card collecting hobby. As I prepared to leave for the suburbs for the Chicago Sports Spectacular and Club 400 Christmas Party, I didn’t even have time to open my mail.

In all, five packages came. Three were Cubs cards via trade, a box from Blowout Cards containing six boxes of 2018 Topps Heritage Minors, and a package of custom cards I made for Cubs fourth round draft pick Ethan Roberts.

Joe in Moorehead, Minnesota sent me a mailer with 231 Cubs cards. I’ll be putting together a package of cards of players he sends out for TTM autographs. Hey, look! It’s Miguel Montero. He was the attraction at the Club 400 Christmas party and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

My favorite Cub Javier Baez.

Not sure if this is a parallel or not. It’s a 1998 Topps Gallery Kevin Orie with a gold border. Speaking of Topps Gallery…it’s out in Wal-Mart stores. Yes, I had to pick up a couple boxes on my way home this weekend. I’ll break them this week sometime.

Mid-1990’s Classic cards always make me scratch my head because all so often I get a Cub and have no recollection of that player at all. Like this guy – Bernie Nunez.

Chris in Wisconsin sent another box. This will be our second trade. I send him Brewers, and he sends my beloved Cubbies. His box contained 373 Cubs including 31 Ryne Sandberg’s.

My third trade package came from Travis in Wichita. He gets my hated Cardinals cards. I always love finding traders that will take Cardinals off my hands. A couple Willson Contreras cards. I ran into Willson at Denny’s Saturday morning.

Willy is such a great guy and very gracious to fans. I also love the intensity he brings on the field. He’s definitely one of my favorite Cubs right behind this guy….

Whoah, how about a Kris Bryant Topps Update rookie.

Gold! A Bryant/Rizzo gold 293/2016 from 2016 Topps.

Couple 2016 Topps Gold Label cards that are new to the collection.

Topps High Tek is a cool set. Here’s a 1998 Mark Grace.

Another new card to add from Topps National Baseball Card Day circa 2016.

Throwing back to the 1989 National League Rookie of the Year Jerome Walton. Sportflics is not one of my favorite sets, but Jerome Walton is.

Some Kerry Wood!

Can’t wait for Woody’s Winter Warmup in January. It’s an amazing fundraiser. And here’s another new Wood for my collection from 1999 Fleer Ultra. This is the gold medallion edition.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Friday’s (11/17/2018) Cards: 1,299

Friday’s (11/17/2018) Packages: 3

Weekly Count: 1,780

Total Count: 189,830

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