Topps Gallery Auto Tuesday

Topps Gallery is a very appealing set, but I just can’t buy more than a couple blasters of it. Fortunately, I picked off a few Cubs in my boxes and the rest I’ll either buy on Sportlots or wait for them to be included in trade packages.

Both Victor Caratini and Drew Smyly have autographs in this set. I put in a couple best offers on eBay, and the Smyly offer was accepted. The Caratini was countered and just a bit more than I want to pay.

Smyly is such an interesting case. He made appearances in a few sets in a Cubs uniform even though he was never expected to suit up for the team this year. And he is no longer with the Cubs. Strange move by Topps. Due to the oddity I had to have a Smyly Cubs autograph in my collection and it arrived today.

Another box was delivered by UPS and it contained a purchase from Blowout Cards Black November sales. It was a neat surprise as I only remembered buying the Heritage ’51 set and one of the Panini boxes.

This is going to be a busy week for me, so I’ll be doing some live box breaks at the end of next week. I also plan to open one of my Topps Heritage Minors boxes and if I find any more Update Chrome boxes.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Tuesday’s (11/27/2018) Cards: 1

Tuesday’s (11/27/2018) Packages: 2

Weekly Count: 795

Total Count: 225,571

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