2013 Leaf Perfect Game and 2015 Panini Stars & Stripes

Taking advantage of Blowout Cards’ Black Friday sales, I picked up some Panini and Leaf boxes.

Saturday morning I broke a 2013 Leaf Perfect Game and 2015 Panini Stars & Stripes box.

Leaf Perfect Game has a few names in it, while a majority I have to search Google, as some of the players in the set are still in college, or they are minor league players that are not top prospects.

There are some top prospects, and I was happy to pull three Cubs…or cards that will go into the Cubs collection. The first is Dylan Cease, who was a Cubs draft pick in 2014. He was traded to the White Sox last summer, and is considered a top 100 prospect in all of baseball and his prospect ranking has been climbing the past two seasons.

Alex Lange was a Cubs first round pick in 2017.

Carson Sands has been in the Cubs system for a few years, and his prospect light is starting to fade.

The next box was 2015 Panini Stars & Stripes, and it was a fun rip. That’s mainly because my first pack contained a hit. A Cubs hit!

Albert Almora autograph numbered 137/213. Nothing more exciting than breaking a box and hitting an autograph for your personal collection.

The base cards for the Cubs collection includes: Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, and Albert Almora.

I pulled a Kris Bryant foil Parallel.

Also, an Addison Russell Fireworks Insert.

Overall a very fun break. I still have two boxes of 2013 Leaf Perfect Game that I’ll likely open later this week, as well as a 2015 Panini USA.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (12/1/2018) Cards: 13

Saturday’s (12/1/2018) Packages: 0

Weekly Count: 1,279

Total Count: 226,048

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