Dylan Cease and an Item That's Long Been on my Want List

Only two cards came in the mail on Monday. Both were from the same eBay seller and were Dylan Cease cards.

Last week I began cataloging much of my Cease collection on Trading Card Database. It inspired me to find some low cost additions to add.

The 2017 Bowman Mega box Refractor may already be in my collection via trade, but it’s not in my Cease binder and it was cheap.

Another low cost pickup was a 2017 Bowman Chrome Refractor numbered 31/499.

The joy from Monday’s Mailday came from another package that I found on eBay. I’ve always been one to hold on to ticket stubs when going to events. For several years I’ve been looking to find a Cubs ticket stub from June 6, 1982. My birthday. It was a Sunday afternoon game at Wrigley Field against the San Francisco Giants. The Cubs lost, 5-3, and Randy Martz took the loss.

Here’s the backside.

I’m not a ticket expert, so not sure if a ticket from 1982 exists for specific matchups (is there a ticket stub that notes Cubs vs Giants?). I’ll keep an eye out.

This stub was purchased in a lot of ticket stubs from the 1982 season. It also contains one from my dad’s birthday (May 31), so that is cool.

I’d also like to find a stub from June 6, 1984. The Cubs played the Expos that day, and I have a picture from my 2nd birthday party that you can clearly see the Cubs/Expos on TV in the background.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (12/3/2018) Cards: 2

Monday’s (12/3/2018) Packages: 2

Weekly Count: 2

Total Count: 226,050

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