Over 9,500 Cubs Cards Added This Weekend

Four packages and an in-person trade added 9,638 Cubs cards to the collection.

A majority of the cards (9,000) came in an in-person trade that had been brewing for a month. The trade was with Chris from Galva, Illinois through a Facebook group. I grew up near Galva and had a trip home planned, so Chris and I met in Kewanee. We swapped White Sox for Cubs.

I haven’t gone through the boxes yet, but picked through a couple small piles and there are plenty of Ryne Sandberg’s inside.

Joe in Washington shipped a box of 393 Cubs, including a pile of Sandberg’s. A few were needed for my collection.

Finally, I received some Baseball Card Magazine Oddball Cubs. The Lance Dickson/Hector Villanueva rookie Stars has been on my want list for some time. I’ve actually placed several tweets over the past year in search for this card!

There were several more, too, that I needed!

My second 1990 Bowman box filled with Cubs also arrived over the weekend thanks to Tim in South Carolina. He added another 243 Cubs to the project.

Two other packages were from eBay pickups. I found a low priced 2018 Panini Contenders Brennen Davis autograph. Davis was a Cubs draft pick this past June.

And I found a 1964 Jay’s Publishing Ron Santo. These are not too common, so I pounced when I saw this one.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (12/8/2018) Cards: 9,638

Saturday’s (12/8/2018) Packages: 4

Weekly Count: 15,631

Total Count: 241,679

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