Dylan Cease and a Box from New Jersey

A new Dylan Cease card and a box of Cubs arrived Thursday. In all, 368 Cubs were added to the collection.

The new Dylan Cease card was an eBay purchase. It’s a 2017 Bowman Platinum green parallel numbered 21/99.

A box from Josh in New Jersey featured 367 cards. This box was filled with mostly 1990’s Upper Deck. In a previous blog I’ve featured some Upper Deck cameos of Cubs on other players cards. The 1993 Upper Deck #612 Rey Sanchez has a cameo of Larry Walker. Walker is piling up Hall of Fame votes this year and is projected to be close to the 75% threshold.

Wrigley Field ivy in the background and Andre Dawson sandwiching the ivy and Fernando Ramsey on this 1993 Upper Deck card of the latter.

Turk Wendell was probably the most superstitious baseball player in the game’s history. Baseball card companies picked up on it and would feature these quirks on his cards, including his brushing his teeth between innings on this 1992 Upper Deck.

This is just a great photo of Scott Bullett on his 1997 Collectors Choice card.

The 1994 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa card is probably my favorite Sosa card. And that’s a tall task because of my disdain for horizontal cards. I just really like the angle and the ominous sky in the background. The card makes him look like a giant, and in short time he would become a baseball giant. I began to dislike Sammy at the end of his Cubs run, but you can’t forget what he did to Chicago baseball, and the game in general. Sosa was a big part of why I became a baseball fan again in 1998 after completely losing me in 1994. I hope Sammy and the Cubs can reconcile soon.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Thursday’s (1/3/2019) Cards: 368
Thursday’s (1/3/2019) Packages: 2
January’s Card Count: 411
Total Trades (2019): 2
Trade States of Origin: Connecticut, New Jersey

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