Club 400 Hosts FIVE former Cubs

My love for Club 400 has been broadcast in this blog many times over the past year, since my first trip to Stewart McVicar’s amazing man cave.

The events at Club 400 have been marked on the calendar ever since. While Club 400 is an amazing museum of Cubs memorabilia, the reason I keep going back is the people. And I’m not talking about the guests, which are a literal all star cast.

I’ve become friends with many other guests at these events and meet more each time I attend. This past weekend was publicized with four guests, but a fifth was a surprise showing.

Leon Durham, Joe Pepitone, Ray Burris, and former Cubs hitting coach John Mallee were there, and the fifth unexpected guest was Randy Hundley.

The first four arrived and chatted with guests at the bar. It was a fairly small crowd…maybe 50 people, so it was an intimate setting and all of the former Cubs were extremely gracious and accessible to fans.

Burris and Pepitone had some great banter before autographs, pictures, and Q&A. Here’s “Pepi” with the microphone and Stu (McVicar) is in the background.

Randy Hundley arrived and chatted with Burris and Pepitone at the autograph table.

That trio also entertained the crowd with some hilarious stories during the Q&A session.

John Mallee did a session with Stu and Sir William for the Cubs Club 400 podcast. Check out their archives, and you can also listen to an episode I was on with the pair talking baseball cards.

I was excited to meet Leon Durham. He was on the Cubs teams that I fell in love with as a child in the mid-1980’s.

Since I already have a Durham autographed baseball, I picked up a canvas print of the “Bull” to have signed.

I hate having my picture taken, mainly because I’m awkward! Much like this photo with Burris and Pepitone.

They each signed a baseball for me.

Burris has a great signature. Pepitone not so much.

The party lasted well into the night, and the remaining guests sang along to Pearl Jam songs with John Mallee on lead vocals.

Another amazing night at Club 400, and can’t wait for the next event. Some exciting guests will be in attendance this year!

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