The Hits Keep Coming

Saturday was like another Christmas with the flat rate box that was delivered.

Brian in Massachusetts sent more than 1,200 Cubs cards. Inside, on top of most of the Cubs were two small bubble mailers. I was shocked by the contents. More on that later.

My first David Ross throwback Parallel from 2015 Topps.

From 2017 Topps Finest: Willson Contreras Breakthroughs insert.

Topps Finest is a product I don’t buy, so I acquire them in trades like this 2017 Finest Anthony Rizzo.

Eddie Vedder! I love Pearl Jam, and of course the Cubs. Hopefully Topps can find a way to get another Eddie Vedder card into a set soon. This First Pitch card is from 2015 Topps.

Peyton Remy refractor from 2017 Bowman Draft.

A serial numbered Carl Edwards Jr. from 2016 Diamond Kings. It is numbered 37/99.

A lot of 1969 Topps including Bill Hands, Charlie Smith, Don Kissinger, Ken Holtzman, Willie Smith, Al Spangler, and Glenn Beckert.

Two rookie cards from 1973 Topps.

Now to the hits. Mailer one had two cards inside. Javy!!!! It’s a 2016 Donruss Jersey Kings.

And my second favorite Cub, Willson Contreras. 2018 Topps Tier 1 jersey numbered 11/335.

The second mailer included some vintage: 1959 Topps Dale Long and Jerry Kindall, and 1970 Topps All Star Don Kessinger.

Now, a couple autographs. Michael Rucker 2017 Elite Extra Edition.

Wow! Fergie Jenkins auto. A 2015 Topps Career High Complete Games autograph.

Kyle Schwarber 2017 Donruss jersey relic with a pinstripe.

And…my favorite of the bunch. Another Javy! 2015 Topps MLB Silhouetted logo pin.

Baez has that logo tattooed on his neck. He had it done when he was just 16, five years before his MLB debut.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (1/12/2019) Cards: 1,217
Saturday’s (1/12/2019) Packages: 1
January’s Cubs Count: 4,455
Total Trades: 12
Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (2), New York, Pennsylvania, Texas (2), Wisconsin

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