Kerry Wood Addition From Fly the Wood Wall Art

The best part of Cubs Convention is meeting new friends. There’s something special about Cubs fans. When I tell people I’m going to the Cubs Convention, I get looks like I’m going to a Star Trek Convention, or Comic Con. It’s much different. It’s like a family reunion.

Many times here I’ve blogged about Club 400 and the family feel it has. I’m blessed to have met Stu and introduced to his amazing fundraisers. Every time I attend a Club 400 event, I meet new fans that I become friends with. At Kerry Wood’s fundraiser on the Friday of Cubs Convention I was introduced to Bill Watts.

In our Club 400 social media group, I see names often, but don’t always meet them. Bill Watts was a name I’ve seen often, and met him for the first time Friday. My first question to Bill: “do you watch wrestling?”

Seems an odd question to ask a fellow Cubs fan at a Cubs Convention. It’s based on his name. Bill Watts in wrestling was a big time promoter in the 1970s through 1990s, and went by the moniker of “Cowboy” Bill Watts.

I told Cubs fan Bill Watts that I always think of him as “Cowboy” Bill when I see his name pop up in our group.

After I told I’m the “one million Cubs guy,” he pulls out of his pocket a Kerry Wood card and says he wants to add this to my collection. Awesome! And it’s the classic 1998 Topps.

It is really appreciated, and Bill is an amazing artist and runs Fly the Wood Wall Art.

He has donated pieces to many charity events including Woody’s Winter Warmup. Here’s former Chicago Bear Israel Idonije holding the “W” with Kerry and Sarah Wood looking on.

And Kerry poses with Bill and the “W.”

Along with the “W,” he will do logos as well as jersey numbers, as seen with Kyle Schwarber at the Club 400 event last July.

And Carl Edwards was at Club 400 in September.

It’s great meeting fellow Cubs fans and sharing their stories. Check out Bill’s art and like his Facebook page.

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