Cubs Mail from the Weekend

The last of the Cubs Convention posts have wrapped up, and now I’m playing catch up. A few packages were waiting at home for me when I returned from Chicago.

Adam in New York (@Alindz99) sent a flat rate box with 949 Cubs cards inside. He will be receiving a package of Mets. Near the top was a 2017 Topps MVP coin of Ernie Banks. Sweet!!!

Along with two boxes and the Banks coin was a plastic case of cards and on the top was a new one. It’s a Buyback. Now that I’m completely dedicated to Cubs collecting I am coming around to these cards. Here’s a 1979 Topps Mike Vail stamped as a Topps Original 2015.

Back to the Cubs Convention for a moment. One player I would love to see welcomed back is Sammy Sosa. Here are a couple cool Sosa cards.

Another guy (non-player) that I would love to see at Cubs Convention is Eddie Vedder. To see him at Woody’s Winter Warmup would be a dream come true. I’ll never get tired of receiving 2015 Topps First Pitch Vedder cards.

One thing I did fail to pick up this weekend was Fergie Jenkins’ new book. I’ll have to order one online. This is a 1991 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball.

Some Bowman color here with 2014 Bowman purple parallels of Pierce Johnson, Armando Rivera, and Duane Underwood.

Weird as it sounds, I don’t think I have this 2014 Topps Heritage Rookie Stars Zach Rosscup.

The 1995 Studio cards are great as they look like credit cards. Mark Grace!

Javy Baez stack, and I think the Legends in the Making is a parallel. They are very confusing because I think there is also a black parallel also. I will have to look at the checklist.

A new Kris Bryant for my collection. The 2018 Topps Chrome sepia refractor.

And I almost missed this. My first glance I passed it, and as I was placing a stack of cards back in the box I noticed it looked different. That’s because it’s the red, white, and blue parallel numbered 56/76. Wow! This is my first red, white, and blue Cubs parallel.

Mitch in Pennsylvania (@philsphanatic) sent over a package of Cubs that featured the big hitters like my guy Javier Baez, a few Kris Bryant cards, Anthony Rizzo, Ryne Sandberg and more.

A PWE arrived from North Carolina and it featured five Cubs cards.

And a business card for Bracket Bingo.

One Million Cubs Stats
Saturday’s (1/19/2019) Cards: 974
Saturday’s (1/19/2019) Packages: 3
January’s Cubs Count: 8,289
Total Trades: 20
Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, California (3), Connecticut, Illinois (2), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (2), New York (2), North Carolina (2), Pennsylvania (2), Texas (2), Wisconsin

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