A Blog Named Mitch Webster

Has there ever been a blog named after Mitch Webster? Read on. Two more trades and an eBay package were part of Thursday’s mailday.

My eBay gift card from Christmas was finally used up as I picked up a T205 Harry McIntire. Lately I’ve been only buying slabbed pre-war cards, but this was a good price and it was in pretty bad condition so it appears authentic.

Dave in Wisconsin sent a box of Cubs that included a 2018 Topps Justin Wilson.

Wilson signed with the New York Mets today, and for some reason I had never seen this gif of Wilson telling Anthony Rizzo to shut up.

Early 1990’s Score was awesome. You could pull multiple “hits” per pack. One of them could be the All-Star “big head.” Here’s the Ryne Sandberg. These are great.

Remember Brooks Kieschnick???

Underrated set time. 2000 Fleer. Reminds me of 1954 Topps. Mark Grace here.

There are so many obscure former Cubs. For some reason, Mitch Webster is the most obscure for me. Each Cubs fan will have a different obscure player. Webster comes to mind because he played during my youth when I was beginning to get into baseball, and he had a brief stint with the club in 1988 and 1989. The outfielder did have a 13-year MLB career with six different teams.

My second trade with Kevin in Buffalo. I’ll be sending some Bills football cards his way. I don’t recall seeing this 2007 Upper Deck Scott Moore.

Check out this Greg Maddux 1989 Classic. Mostly because of Greg’s awesome 80’s mustache.

Fast forward 10 years and here’s a 1998 Upper Deck bound for glory Maddux.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Thursday’s (1/24/2019) Cards: 358
Thursday’s (1/24/2019) Packages: 3
January’s Cubs Count: 9,014
Total Trades/Donations: 26
Trade States of Origin: Arkansas, California (3), Connecticut (2), Illinois (3), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (3), New York (4), North Carolina (2), Pennsylvania (2), Texas (2), Wisconsin (2).

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