The Mail Piled Up While I Was Out

The flu had me down for three days. I felt so crappy, that I didn’t even make the trip down my driveway to the mailbox on Monday or Tuesday.

Once Wednesday rolled around I collected my mail that included six packages and more than 2,000 Cubs cards.

Chad in Milwaukee sent another envelope just days after a vintage PWE arrived. This one included nine 1980 O-Pee-Chee Cubs plus a 1961 Topps Frank Thomas along with another nice note. And that’s what I love about this hobby: sharing ideas like the BCW sorting tray.

Art in Idaho sent a six-pack of Cubs. We had conversed through Twitter about our Quad Cities childhood memories, namely the popular card shop, ABC Collectibles.

Brandon in New York shipped out a stack of Cubs!

@RumHamSinkie sent a bunch of Sandberg and Sosa.

Al in Michigan sent a variety of Cubs cards, too.

Don in South Carolina sent a flat rate box. There was a number of new cards in this one including a couple Sammy Sosa inserts.

The 1990’s, especially towards the end of the decade, had some pretty rad insert cards. One of those “rad” inserts was a 1996 Fleer Ultra Golden Prospect of Jason Maxwell. By the way: Did you call it Fleer Ultra or Ultra Fleer? I had a lot of friends in the 90’s that called it Ultra Fleer and it drove me nuts.

Topps Heritage was released this week, and its a set that maintains collectibility through the years unlike other mainstream sets. Here’s a 2002 Heritage Chrome Jon Lieber numbered 357/553.

Nearly lost my eyesight staring at the blue brightness of this 2013 Topps Alfonso Soriano.

A new Ryne Sandberg card for my collection.

The future! Kerry Wood and Mark Prior.

Unfortunately, the not so future: Corey Patterson.

Buried in the middle of these cards was an autograph of a long-forgotten Cubs prospect, which are my favorite ones. It’s Dennis Abreu from 2001 Topps.

Look at this! Willson Contreras jersey relic! And it has a pinstripe. I like! I like!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Wednesday’s (2/27/2019) Cards: 2,178

Wednesday’s (2/27/2019) Packages: 6

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,924

Total Trades/Donations: 62

Trade States of Origin:
California (4)
Connecticut (5)

Florida (2)


Illinois (6)
Maryland (2)
Massachusetts (2)

New Jersey (5)
New York (6)
North Carolina (2)
Ohio (4)
Pennsylvania (3)

South Carolina
Tennessee (2)
Texas (3)
Washington (2)
Wisconsin (8)

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