Madison, Wisconsin Clarion Hotel Card Show Review

This past Sunday was another card show at the Clarion hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. This show runs monthly from March into the fall, taking the winter months off.

My approach for this show was to pick off cards to finish trades, and maybe grab a few Cubs cards.

A fellow collector had asked me some details on the show beforehand. Overall, there are typically 10-12 dealers with a majority offering vintage. One dealer sells a bunch of unopened wax, there are a couple dealers with modern, and the owner of the card shop that was flooded sells both wax and singles. My only issue with the location is that it is very cramped, and since there are dealers on both sides there is not enough room to walk if two people are standing at opposite tables.

The first purchase came from a dealer with several boxes of recent vintage (early 1970s). I was able to grab a stack of 1973 Topps for a trade partner. There was also a Cubs team card I snagged on the cheap.

Across the way, The Baseball Card Shoppe had a couple boxes of $3 autographs and relics. I grabbed a few for future trades, as well as a 2015 Topps Pro Debut Jake Stinnett Autograph and 2011 Allen & Ginter Marlon Byrd framed relic.

Fortunately, one dealer had a table with a bunch of Green Bay Packers autographs. Not for me, of course, but to finish a trade. One dealer always has some nice vintage and I grabbed a couple for trades out of the 1971 and 1972 Topps sets, and one card for my Cubs collection: 1972 Topps Strikeout Leaders Fergie Jenkins.

He had some older stuff and I picked up a 1960 Topps Steve Ridzik for two bucks.

In the end, it was a successful venture to the card show. There are still a couple items I’m looking for to finish trades so I may just have to head to eBay. The show has given me the card show bug again!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Sunday’s (3/3/2019) Cards: 5

Sunday’s (3/3/2019) Packages: 0

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 3,116

Total Trades/Donations: 66

Trade States of Origin:

California (4)
Connecticut (5)

Florida (2)


Illinois (7)
Maryland (2)
Massachusetts (3)

New Jersey (5)
New York (6)
North Carolina (2)
Ohio (4)
Pennsylvania (3)

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Tennessee (2)
Texas (3)
Washington (2)
Wisconsin (8)

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