New Cubs From the Local Card Shop in Waukegan, Illinois

This weekend I made a trip to Waukegan, Illinois to watch the NCAA tournament with a couple college friends.

My friend, Quincy, works right across the street from Jim and Steve’s Card Shop in Waukegan, Illinois and is a regular customer. Of course, we had to make a Saturday morning trip before the basketball games tipped.

There wasn’t anything in particular I was shopping for, though I do like to pick up hobby boxes. The box of choice this trip was 2019 Topps Inception.

The hope was to pull a Cubs card, but I was shut out. My hit was a Chris Shaw rookie auto numbered /200.

During my last trip I picked up a stack of cards out of the dollar boxes, so I wanted to flip through for Cubs. I wasn’t expecting any Cubs I didn’t have, but I was wrong. Several 2013 Topps season ticket holder Archives cards were mixed in.

I have one of the sets, but needed all, or most, of the cards that I found. Ten of them altogether including Jeff Samardzija in the 1965 and 1982 Topps designs, Starlin Castro and Jerome Walton in the 1971 Topps design, and Mark Grace in the 1956 Topps design.

The other five included a couple I believe I may have including the Fergie Jenkins and both Don Kissinger cards. Fairly certain the 1963 Topps design of Bruce Sutter and the Rick Monday in 1956 Topps design are new to my collection.

I was shocked to find a Topps Now card in the dollar box. It’s a good one, too, highlighting Jake Arrieta’s no hitter against the Reds. I still remember watching that game and getting so excited with every run scored. What a fun year.

A new oddball of Hank Sauer. This is from 1982 and is marked G.S. Gallery 1st Series, 1st printing.

Before I checked out, Steve said he had a vintage Cubs box and pulled it out for me. A couple cards were needed including this 1961 Jello Don Zimmer.

And a small oddball of Ron Santo on a jack of spades card.

When we returned to Quincy’s house, he had a sweet setup in his basement with three TV’s for the NCAA Tournament games. Early on, with just two games being played, we broke out the Sega Genesis and played some NBA Jam.

Oh, and Quincy gifted me a box of about 300 Cubs cards!

A fun weekend and always good to catch up with old friends and trips to the local card shop.

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