Another Beer for Cubs Trade

Shannon in Sterling rocks. He gives me cards…a lot of cards. So, when I come pick up box after box of cards from him I need to bring something.

In our latest beer for cards trade I brought a six pack of Moo Hoo by Terrapin as well as a beer from Hop Haus. Hop Haus is a local brewery just a few miles down the road from my house.

This trade actually went down several weeks ago, but I just now finished pulling all the Cubs from the many boxes Shannon gifted me. In total, there were 1,219 Cubs cards. Here are some highlights of the Cubs that were included. These are cards that are among my favorites.

1993 Classic #93 Jon Ratliff

1994 Action Packed #46 Matt Franco

1989 Bowman #289 Ty Griffin

1989 Topps Big #329 Pat Perry

1980 Baseball Immortals Cap Anson #17

2013 Panini USA #88 Albert Almora

1989 Broder #2 Dwight Smith

1986 Home Run Legends #9 Ernie Banks

1990 Bowman #34 Earl Cunningham

2006 Bowman Heritage Mini #46 Carlos Zambrano

1987 Fleer Baseball All Stars #13 Jody Davis

2003 Bowman Heritage Black Border #64 Kenny Lofton

1985 7-Up Lee Smith

1993 Classic Best Gold #39 Doug Glanville

1998 Fleer Update U54 Gary Gaetti

1982 Donruss Diamond Kings #14 Ivan DeJesus

1994 Classic Bonus Baby BB4 Brooks Kieschnick

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